Lets turn back the clock, B is one & screaming his head off in the pool after another failed attempt at a swimming lesson. Fast forward 6 months & he still hated swimming so I never took him back, thinking back maybe it wasn’t the correct decision.
Recently I realised how important being able to swim is so I decided to look into private, 1 to 1 swimming lessons.
After having a hunt around I chose ‘The Swim Academy’ for Bryson’s introduction back into swimming.
They could provide the 1 to 1 swimming lessons I wanted at a time that suited me.

In my infinite wisdom I decided to leave my house 45 minutes before B’s lesson, even though the place is only 15 minutes away. I wanted to give myself time to park & walk up to the house, however I may have got timings a little wrong & was there a good 20 minutes early. Let’s just say its not a great idea when you’ve got a very excited B in the back of the car who ‘JUST WANTS TO GO SWIMMING NOW!’
We walked down when it was closer to B’s lesson time, the classes are held in a private pool at a private residence. It did feel mega weird walking onto someones drive & through their garden but it is fully explained before hand & you are told exactly how to get to the pool.
The changing room is separate from the pool but exceptionally warm thanks to a heater! I was boiled in my clothes but clearly those in their swim shorts or suits would really appreciate the warmth.

1 to 1 swimming lessons

B honestly couldn’t wait to get in the pool once we were in the pool house, it was so adorable to see him so excited about learning to swim. I have to say Britney, his teacher, really did help by being warm & bubbly on arrival. I always find the more happy & excited someone seems the more B warms to them.
B is quite shy & struggles with people, more so recently, alas we didn’t have this issue with Britney & he pretty much ‘dived in’ to his lesson.

B got to choose the colour of his swim ‘noodle’ which he found absolutely fabulous he got his little life belt on & off he went. I loved the activity Britney set up to warm B back into the world of swimming!
B’s task for the lesson was to swim & collect toys that were dotted around the pool, it was great to see him smiling in the water. B chose the pink toys & thoroughly enjoyed dotting around the pool to grab them, he had to be reminded to move his arms & legs but he sure did get around.
In-between grabbing his favourite toys B was asked to ‘talk to the mermaids’, I absolutely loved this concept & B seemed to as well. To ‘ talk to the mermaids’ you simply have to blow bubbles into the water, something he regularly does at home but was a it hesitant of in his lesson.

1 to 1 swimming lessons

I really feel B thrived having the lesson on his own in a chilled out private venue, there were no distractions which meant he really concentrated on the task at hand. Whilst dotting around on his own he drunk some water & got rather upset. Britney did well at calming him down & distracting him, B has been delicate lately so it really did upset him. I’m glad Britney handled it how she did as some people really struggle with children when they get upset & can sometimes turn their brains off to the fact the child is upset & make it worse.

B’s 1 to 1 swimming lesson was half an hour long, prior to doing the class I would have said that was far too short but it was actually bang on perfect for B.
Nearing the end of his lesson he became rather uncooperative, but was tempted to try some ‘jumps’ into the pool, he found these rather hilarious but flat out refused to stand up & jump in. *SPOILER ALERT* As soon as he left the pool house he boasted that he was going to do that ‘NEXT TIME mummy, next time I do it!’.
1 to 1 swimming lessons

I can’t begin to tell you how proud I was of B, he really tried his best! He didn’t really let anything bother him & really enjoyed himself.
He is thoroughly looking forward to his next lesson.

I paid for B to do 3 – 1 to 1 swimming lessons with ‘The Swim Academy’ & depending on how he copes this week I may continue these throughout the 6 weeks holiday!
Britney from The Swim Academy also runs 2 to 1 classes as well as group classes, you know your child well enough to decide what style lessons would suit you. I can say I thoroughly recommend the 1 to 1 swimming lessons, especially for those who are new to swimming or who need some extra help with the skills & water confidence.
By no means is it cheap at £25 per 1/2 hour session but I wouldn’t really have it any other way for the time being, it suits B to a tee & he gets the full attention of one person for that entire lesson.
If you are local to the Hertfordshire area then I highly recommend ‘The Swim Academy‘, I have only been to their Oaklands pool but the one in Luton also looks absolutely amazing.

I am going to keep you up-to-date on B’s swimming journey & both myself & B are thoroughly looking forward to continuing this journey with Britney!