If you’ve read my blog before & follow me on social media then you will know both myself & B are HUGE fans of Peppa Pig World (Paultons Park). When we got an email inviting us to attend the Grand Preview event for 2 new rides at Peppa Pig World, we jumped at the chance.
I can honestly say I’ve never said YES so quickly in my life.

Paultons Park will always have our heart as our first true theme park love! Clean, fresh, fun with absolutely amazing staff, what could be better.
I wouldn’t have thought it could get better but they’ve outdone themselves by introducing two new rides.

peppa pig world

As you can see this boy was on a mission to get in as quick as possible. We wanted to get on the rides while there were no queues but a certain little boy spied a certain little piggy that he wanted a picture with.
I can’t say I minded as I absolutely love pictures of B with characters, this is what I love about Paultons! They don’t charge money for you to have pictures with the characters unlike many other places I’ve come across.
There’s only one issue with B, once he gets attached to the character… it is SUPER hard to pull him away.

peppa pig world

Thankfully we managed to pull B away from George & straight onto ‘ The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride ‘, B is more geared up to high adrenaline rides now but he did enjoy the calming trip around. He does love a good view bless him so was having a good old nosey as he went around.
The ride is a monorail over some of the Peppa Pig World part of the park, its nice to see from above. Of course being my child he was more interested in what everyone else was doing on the rides, not the view of the park.
peppa pig world

This ride is perfect for all ages, ideally in my opinion from around one to six though. Older if they don’t enjoy the high adrenaline style of rides.
B did assume that it was going to be a rollercoaster when we saw the ride being built last year, he wasn’t let down though, he still loved his little ride over Peppa Pig World.

Next up was ‘ Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club ‘ I do love a good lazy river style ride & this one didn’t let me down. With clear water & exceptional theming this ride didn’t let us down.
I will pre-warn those of you with back issues that it can be a little bumpy, I have scoliosis & was okay on it but did find it slightly bumpy.
This ride is docile but great fun, lots of fantastic theming to look at as you go around. Each boat seats 4 people & gently spins as you go around so you get a great look around.
B absolutely loved this ride, I did too. Perfect ride for mummy, no getting soaking or bounced around!
peppa pig world

I’d say this ride was perfect for ages two to around ten. Oh and of course adults!

I can honestly say these two rides are great additions to Peppa Pig World & indeed Paultons Park, you are spoilt for choice now & can easily spend two days at the park so Little B & Me do recommend you come for the entire day, get a hotel locally & come for a few hours the next day too. By booking via the website you can get two days for the price of one & tie it in with a hotel, we’ve always done this & the pricing is absolutely amazing.
Paultons is a great family park & of course what makes it even better is its a family run park, I absolutely love supporting businesses like these & will continue to keep coming back & of course recommending all my friends come here.

We can’t wait to come back & experience the park more.
peppa pig world

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* Our entry to the park was gifted to us by Paultons Park but all information & opinions supplied are our own *