T-minus 1 month till Peppa Pig World (Paulton’s Park) I thought, plenty of time to ready myself, plenty of time to get B used to the park by watching YouTube videos but I looked at the calendar our trip was only a few days away.
Here’s exactly what we thought about Peppa Pig World, Check back soon for our review of ‘Paulton’s Park’ where Peppa Pig World is based.

Myself & B live roughly 2 hours away from the park, we decided to leave Hertfordshire at 8:20AM. We missed all the traffic & ended up in a very foggy Ower, home of Paulton’s Park & of course Peppa Pig World. I was rather confused about this & assumed it was two separate parks. Fear not Paulton’s Park & Peppa Pig world are ‘one’, your ticket to Paulton’s Park will get you into Peppa Pig World. We had previously decided to stay the night & cash in on the free second day at the park deal when booking a hotel & park ticket. MASSIVE savings to be had here so I recommend going via the Paulton’s website to book your hotel & tickets together.

We arrived at 10:30AM on a Friday, there was around a 5 minute wait to get in but we were soon through & into the exciting place that is Paulton’s Park. We walked straight through to Peppa Pig World to enjoy the delights that Peppa had to offer.
I was so excited to be there, almost like a kid in fact, just so happy & proud that B was there! He’s getting to experience things it took years for me to be able to do. B was buzzing & I was just amazed at his reactions to the place.
I made sure the first rides were the rides that have longer queues due to the fact they only let one group on at a time.

So first up was ‘ Windy Castle’, due to my inner ear issues I am not allowed on rides like this so B went on with his dad.
The queue appeared EXCEPTIONALLY short, I soon came to realise that although there wasn’t many people in the queue, the wait was long because the ride only let one group on at a time. There were about 10 people in front of B & I’d say he was in the queue for around 20 minutes. Once on the ride B absolutely LOVED it, I could hear his whooping from where I was standing. I was really gutted I couldn’t go on with him but it just wasn’t possible. What I really loved is that it warned people suffering from my issues not to go on the ride, I’ve never seen a warning about inner ear issues before.
When B got off he was buzzing & running for the next ride.
Peppa Pig World

B wouldn’t let us go any further after he saw the carnival style ball toss game, that was it he wanted to win a big stuffed toy & that was that. Here we met one of my favourite members of staff, I never did catch his name but he was AMAZING with B, I won’t even admit to you how much was paid to win but lets jut say it was a lot.
There are a few of these games dotted around the park so be aware of this! I know how much kids are attracted to them.
B expected us to be able to win all of these things, my favourite line ‘Mummy win?!’
Peppa Pig World

B got to go on Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride, which didn’t take as long to get on as a whole ride of people could get on at once. B also loved this ride but weirdly I have no images of him on it. It was another ride I couldn’t go on & I hate my illness for the reason that it stops me doing certain things for & with B.

Next up, a ride Mummy could go on! We’d already discussed that I’d be going on this ride with him… ‘ George’s Dinosaur Adventure’ ride was the first ride I got to go on & it was a corker!
The queue appeared exceptionally small so I assumed we’d be on in no time, alas I was wrong. This ride only lets one to two people on at one time, theres about a 1 to 2 minute gap in between dinosaurs. So the 10 people that were in front of us took an age to go through. B thankfully kept calm in the queue & just kept asking me which Dinosaur he’d be on, he noticed that people in front were going on along & decided to moan about going alone. You have to be 1.10m tall to ride alone, so myself & B rode together, I absolutely loved this ride. It was really sweet & B loved it to.
Peppa pig world

As they are side by side we decided to head to ‘Daddy Pig’s Car Ride’, this was another ride that looked like it had a super short queue but was in fact a ride where the wait was long as it was one on one off. The ride is short around 3-5 minutes long but we absolutely loved it. B took the wheel along with ‘Georgie Pig’ & he felt so grown up & important. You could just see it in the effort he was taking with his driving of the car! At some points he was even moving the wheel into the correct position for a turning.
The little added scene extras for this ride were adorable, Grandad Dogs breakdown vehicle & Zoe Zebra waiting to cross at the Zebra crossing were super adorable & in keeping in the theme.
Peppa Pig World

Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip was B’s next stop, again he had to go on with his dad due to the rides motion.
The queue for this was non existent & B got straight onto the ride, his little face lit up when the ride started. I watched from the sidelines as he giggled & smiled the entire way round, it really does hurt knowing I won’t ever be able to go on rides like this with him.
Peppa Pig World

We decided to go for a little walk after this & I noticed that Peppa & George were outside of Madame Gazelle’s School House having pictures taken with ‘fans’. I was so excited & told B that we were going to have our picture taken, que MASSIVE meltdown. Of course asking your child to have their picture taken with one of the most popular characters around is tantamount to child abuse. After much pushing B ”happily” stood in line to meet Peppa & George, I honestly thought he’d be attached to my arm & that we’d have to have a family picture taken with Peppa & George. I was to be shocked though, B ran straight up to them, held their hands & smiled for a photo. I was so shocked & so proud. The characters were brilliant with him & they even treated him to a high five!!
Peppa Pig World

B played for a while in the park but he quickly got bored of it, purely because it was aimed at the younger children. B thinks he’s a 16 year old lad who can do parkour & land great jumps from a foot off the grounds. Alas he is quickly learning he is an agile but clumsy 2 year old cheeky chappy.
The park area is perfect but B decided this day was the day for a challenge.
Peppa Pig World

Over the two days that we were at Peppa Pig World we covered all but one ride, that being the Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight. This was only because of the huge queue.

We managed to get on Grandad Pig’s Little Train ride & enjoyed our short BUT exceptionally sweet little ride. B delighted in announcing ‘ ITS NOT A TOY TRAIN, ITS A MINIATURE LOCOMOTIVE’. Unfortunately B can’t say that so what comes out is a muddled jumble of loco loco coco motive. Personally I prefer his much more!

Two of the best things I did at the park had to be the special photo places. Those being ‘Madame Gazelle’s School House’ & ‘Peppa’s Magic Photo Studio’.
These two places have given me two of my favourite memories so far. I saw my son blossom into an exceptionally confident child who thoroughly enjoyed having his picture taken. A little boy who listened to every word the staff said & a boy who may, JUST MAYBE be rather a big fan of pictures of himself. Be sure to visit this place for beautiful images of your little ones!
I must say I was a tiny bit gutted not to get in these images myself!
In Peppa’s Magic Photo Studio you can choose from a whole range of backgrounds from B’s favourite ( The spaceship) to a muddy puddle jumping scene, it’s a MUST visit place!

Peppa Pig World

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We absolutely loved our time at Peppa Pig World, please check back soon for ‘My Top Tips For Visiting Peppa Pig World’ & ’20 Reasons Why We Love Paulton’s Park’