B was lucky enough to be taken to see The Gruffalo’s Child theatre show with his nursery but he was absolutely begging to go again! We were fortunate enough to find that it would be in the area & we decided to book for the Radlett show!

Our Six Weeks Holiday Experiences – The Gruffalo’s Child Theatre Show

Myself, B & his Nanna ended up heading off a little early for the show because B was desperate to leave. Our showing was at 1/1:30… at 10am B was begging to leave, he was that excited!
He’s been a fan of The Gruffalo for a while after grabbing the book at one of his favourite charity shops. He honestly was beyond buzzing, he’d waited two months to show us the show & let’s just say we couldn’t get there quick enough!
We chose one of the showings in Radlett as it was quite close to us!.

You could tell it was getting close to opening time with the sheer amount of screaming children in the high street & of course some dubious parking haha! We picked up our tickets from the box office & realised we’d made a rather huge mistake. We’d bought no cash for the souvenir table, B was none too impressed but we managed to get him in & seated for the big show.

The Gruffalo’s Child is a touring show, B originally saw it in Hertford but it had already moved by the time we got to booking. You’ve still got plenty of venues to be able to see the show so don’t worry.

We got in early but thankfully B was so excited that he didn’t really get moody at the wait, other children though appeared to be getting a little upset. It’s only been our second show together but I was disheartened to see people arriving upto 20 minutes late & really disrupting the show.

I couldn’t take performance photos but let me say it was so well done. The Gruffalo’s Child was beyond adorable, her costume was great & her acting was fabulous. Childish but not silly, which seems hard to grasp for some child entertainers.
The Gruffalo himself was great, the outfit was huge so he stayed behind the show. This does mean he doesn’t move throughout the show but its done so well because he’s asleep most of the time.

I’ve never actually read the book so I can’t tell you if its true to form but what I can tell you was the audience was mesmerised. The stage decoration was done so well & was constantly changing, the changes were small & done as the characters moved through the forest.

My mum really loved the Fox! He was very cool & B found it hilarious that he called everyone DAVE!
Hey, its the little things that please the kids isn’t it. Each different character that The Gruffalo’s Child encountered was brilliant, just how I expected them to be from the original Gruffalo book.
I genuinely felt like we were in the forest with the characters, this was due to a mix of acting & great stage lighting.

The show wasn’t too long, it ran for around 45 minutes & thats perfect for the age range of the children.
B really enjoyed his experience & even asked to go again once it had finished.

We all really recommend heading over to watch it when its in your area, its a great step into the world of theatre for children. A fantastic way to see a book bought to life.