When travelling down the M25, I’ve regularly seen the bright colours of ‘Old Macdonald’s Farm’. Since having B those colours became ever more enticing & this weekend I decided to take B after his football class. To say this kid was excited about his trip would be an understatement. I managed to find a map at our local train station & that was it, he was going through deciding what points he wanted to hit first!

Travelling & Parking at Old Macdonald’s Farm

We live in Hertfordshire & my phone said it would take us around 50 minutes, it ended up taking longer as I took a wrong turning. We headed off & once you are on the M25 its a pretty darn easy route to find the farm, whats better is you get to see the farm as you are driving down the M25. I will warn you it really does feel like you are driving so far past it but trust me once you’ve passed it on the motorway its only about a 5 to 10 minute journey.
When B saw the farm from the motorway he started screaming & cheering it was HILARIOUS, the kid is a right little performer.

Due to my phone not talking out directions I completely missed the SIGNPOSTED (I know silly me) exit on the roundabout, if it wasn’t for that my journey would have been a lot less stressful & exceptionally easy.
The journey does involve back lanes but they are all quite open & easy to navigate.

I make no lie of being overly panicky about the amount of parking at venues but I was quite safe with Old Macdonald’s parking, there was plenty of it & the spaces were wide enough for me to be able to park my large 4X4 in & get B out without struggling.

Lets get to it – Old Macdonald’s Farm – The review

Tickets to Old Macdonald’s Farm are well priced, On the door an adult is £15 & a child is £14, in bought online 7 days in advance you can grab the tickets for £11.25 for adults & £10.50 for children! They also have a choice of having a family ticket, full ticket prices & information can be found here: Old Macdonald’s Farm Ticket Pricing & Information.

Entry to the park was smooth, having to walk through a gift shop to get in & out can be quite the mine field but I managed to get B in without him even batting an eyelid at the gifts on offer.
Once through the gift shop you are greeted by an undercover soft play area, as the weather was good I wanted to make the most of it so got B outside to see what they had to offer. I can honestly say thanks to him having seen the map before we got there, it wasn’t difficult to get him outside!

Our first stop was the bouncy slide! B is a huge fan of these & when I saw it I actually didn’t think he would be able to get up on his own as it was so big. B was to shock me by running straight up it & sliding on down with a huge smile on his face.

As you can see that is one happy little pumpkin!

Close to this fantastic bouncy slide are trampolines & a plastic climbing frame, both of which B made great use of.
B wasn’t so interested in the trampolines but absolutely loved the plastic climbing frame. He loved scaring me by going down the slide head first!
Old Macdonald's Farm

This little area was lovely & this climbing frame was fab for B, being just under 3 years old, & little ones who were around 1-2 years old.

We decided to try one of the many rides on offer next & I chose the Horsey ride to start. B clearly thinks he’s about 15 & desperately wanted to ride this alone but he was too small so had to ride with mummy, lets just say he wasn’t too impressed at that. This ride is very similar to the George Pig Dinosaur ride at Peppa Pig World. I knew it would be a hit, B loved it.
I do wish there was a little more ‘theming’ to the rides but nonetheless we had a great time on this particular ride.
What was better was that there was no queue & we got straight on.

Whilst on our way around this ride B noticed another climbing frame, instantly I thought it would be a bad idea & I was correct. B managed to get trapped in this climbing frame twice & both times expected me to be able to squeeze up & get him out. I managed to get him out both times but not without a lot of stressing & a few close to tears moments (haha- joys of taking your child out alone).
This climbing frame was great but the inside of it could have done with a little spruce up, which would be difficult given how tight a space it is!

We tried every single park area at the farm & B loved them all. It was lovely to see him happily exploring these areas on his own & being able to do all the stairs & walkways alone. Its amazing to see the difference in him from even a few months ago.
Old Macdonald’s Farm does have fantastic park/climbing frame areas, there are so many of them that its quite nice to change it up every so often so the little ones don’t get bored.
It also helps that theres so many so none of them get ‘too busy’.
Old Macdonald's Farm

Dotted around the farm are various areas where you can eat your food that you bought on site or picnics that you’ve bought with you.
Food can be found out the outdoor outlet or the little Cafe right at the start of the farm. B decided he desperately wanted chips so we grabbed some from the outdoor outlet & sat down to eat them. I really felt for the woman running this food place as she was absolutely run off her feet & had to contend with people moaning at the fact that doughnuts & coffee were unavailable! We did have to wait a while for the chips but they were rather yummy, quite expensive though for what I felt was a small portion (£3)
Due to this I do recommend bringing a picnic for ease & to save some money. Getting little extra snacks there wouldn’t hurt.
Drinks are quite expensive here so I also recommend bringing your own along.

I checked the time & realised that the ‘Doggy Dog Rollercoaster’ was now open. This was one of the things B most wanted to go on & let me tell you that boy sure did love it. Loved it so much that we went on it 12 times!!!!!!!!!!!
This little rollercoaster is absolutely fantastic but by go number 12 I was feeling rather sick.
Please note that your little one does need to be a metre tall to be able to go on this ride. I was a bit angry to hear a parent getting moody with the guy operating the rollercoaster, he was following safety protocol but clearly that didn’t matter to this person. The operator kept his cool, I can honestly tell you I would have snapped if I was in his position.

B is being potty trained so various times through the day I took him to the toilet which proved less than easy, unfortunately Old Macdonald’s Farm don’t have small bottom friendly seats. This lead to B sobbing his heart out because I didn’t quite sit him correctly & he weed on his jeans a little. Toilets otherwise were nice & clean. I have noticed the toilet seat issue at numerous child attractions which is really quite annoying now.

We’d been at the farm about 2 hours before we finally looked at any animals, we happened across a beautiful Owl that was out for all to see, I even got to touch it! Such a beautiful beautiful animal.
While B was still in the mood I took him to have a little look at the other animals the farm has to offer. B isn’t actually that big a fan of animals at the moment but he still found them interesting to look at.
We had a good look at the Guinea Pigs & Rabbits, their homes were adorable, clean & all the animals looked healthy.. if not a little camera shy !
I really wanted to cuddle one of them as it looked exactly like the Guinea Pig I had when I was younger.

As you can see this area was nice & quiet, that was until Prince B waded in!

After having a good nosey at some of the animals Old Macdonald’s Farm has to offer we happened upon a very big, sand pit with added wooden JCB’S & metal diggers! My B can be a bit of a softie & immediately threw a moody because his trainers got sand on them, THEN another moody when sand dared touch his feet when he was walking barefoot through the sandpit!
I loved this area, the sand was good quality & plentiful & the wooden tractors, slides & metal diggers were fabulous.
B could have stayed there for hours & I don’t blame him! It was one of the best sand pits I’ve come across at an attraction.
Old Macdonald's Farm

Old Macdonald’s Farm has done exceptionally well with their choice of rides, whilst this place isn’t a ‘Thorpe Park’ or even a theme park it does hit the spot for the under 10’s. Their 6 mechanical rides are fabulous. We went on the ‘Doggy Dog Rollercoaster’, ‘Train’, ‘Horse ride’ & ‘Tractor’, due to my inner ear issues we had to give the crazy barn ride & carousel a miss. Thankfully B wasn’t too bothered about that, its one of the only bad things of taking him to these style of places on my own.
Please note these rides are included in the price of entry, so get on as many times are you can!
Old Macdonald's Farm
Also remember to check your little ones height before getting their hopes up about these rides.

Before we left B wanted to head onto the trampolines again & of course the Doggy Dog Rollercoaster.
I loved watching B bounce around on the trampolines being so careful of the other little kids, he does love a good seat drop now & at 3 stone I daren’t let him drop near any little ones.
Old Macdonald's Farm

Would we go again? – YES, we can’t wait to head back & we will make sure its soon.
Do we recommend it? – Yes! I’ve recommended it to all of my friends & will continue to recommend it.
Value for money? – In my opinion, yes! The place is large & theres plenty to do so you will get plenty of value for your money.

I really hope you head there soon, if you need any more information head over to Old Macdonald’s Farm Website.