Little B & Me

Little B & Me were lucky enough to get friends & family tickets for a day at Chessington.
This meant we got a super day out for just £10! Who doesn’t love a bargain?Trying to explain to a nearly two year old that we are ‘nearly there’ to keep them awake is easier said than done, however I just kept going on about how he would be able to go on a choochoo & see the ‘manimals'(his word for animals).When we arrived I was expecting something a little bit more magical, how I remember it being when I was little, however I am now 25 & maybe my magical glasses have run their course.
Needless to say B was more than excited and even more excited when he was told that he would be going on Professor Burp’s Bubble Works.
Thankfully because we got there early the whole park was pretty much empty & meant we got straight on Professor Burp’s without queuing! I was more than gutted when I couldn’t smell the ‘bubbly’ smells & instead smelled just plain old water!
Who would have guessed that the minute we got near the boat I would be greated with a shrill NO from B, I think his big boy pants must have fallen off somewhere between the gate & the boat itself.
Getting him on wasn’t the easiest thing ever considering he’s a 2 stone wiggle monster BUT I managed, 500 mummy points to me!
Little B & Me
As you can see he was gripped onto me for dear life. You wouldn’t believe it but he did actually enjoy it, especially my screaming when I was getting soaked by the water jets. I was hugely gutted, as was B, that there were NO bubbles in Professor Burp’s BUBBLE Works, it also didn’t smell yummy like it used to 🙁
If you are able to get your little one on easily enough this is a great ride for toddlers upwards!Now something I soon realised was there was lots of walking about to get to the different rides & attractions which wasn’t too much of an issue for us but I do recommend bringing a buggy if your child will go in one, or you can hire one while you are there!
I don’t have that luxury you see, B will flat out not go in a pram, infact he hasn’t been in his Bugaboo since he was 6 months old.
He managed extremely well & he spent most of the time walking quite happily.We decided to try out Toadies Crazy Cars (the little cars) next & I can’t say he was exactly the most excited child but he did enjoy himself. There are quite a few rides little ones can go on JUST not many of these I could actually go on! Most of the others involved spinning around & due to my balance issues I couldn’t go on them or else I’d have been KO’d for the day! I resemble a Friday night drunk at 2am after having a inner ear attack.We decided to head over to their little petting zoo, usually B is hesitant of animals but he was right in there. It was so cute to see him so excited & interested in the animals.Little B & MeYet again he doesn’t look exactly enthralled but he was loving it, I assure you.
All the animals in the petting zoo are free to roam & you are more than welcome to pet them.
We found Goats, Sheep & Pigs, to be completely honest B was telling me which animals were there, nothing like being told by a 2 year old!

Little B & Me

See the finger of blame at lack of ‘manimal’ knowledge is pointed towards me!
Maybe I should swot up before our next visit to anywhere that has animals.

I was seriously gutted that I didn’t see any people selling balloons & the lack of carnival type games that I could have had even a remote chance of winning dented my gaming ego!
I did however waste about £3 on trying to win a Minion from the grabber machines, what a complete con they are.
I must say their baby changing facilities were extremely clean & really spacious, they could have done with a toilet in there as by that point I was absolutely busting for a tinkle.

By this time B was begging to go back on Professor Burps, we had to queue a little this time as it was midday but we still thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
This time around I found the camera that I completely had previously had my back to & got a rather lovely photo.
I cannot show my friend & her son as its not my place to but here is B & Me!

Little B & Me

I do recommend wearing a water poncho if you are worried about getting wet, as this time round I got absolutely soaked going through the water jets.
I tried to buy a cup for B in the shop but had to settle for just the picture as B refused to let me buy it, even though he absolutely loves pink things.

We’re going to the zoo zoo zoo, how about you you you, you can come too too too…
Enough of my awful singing, we headed to their onsite zoo to visit some of the other animals.
B was mesmerised at the animals, along with his friend we did spend quite a while here.

Little B & Me

The highlight of this was the absolutely massive Gorilla who ran at the window, turned & showed us all his big hairy bum!

Our next animal stop were the Penguins, yet again B was completely mesmerised.
Well… it was more likely the big pool of water that he was interested in rather than the penguins themselves!

Little B & Me

We decided to get up closer with the Penguins & entered the closed in pen part.
The boys loved this & B’s friend ended up running after the circling Penguin & ending up, each time without fail, gutted that he was GONE. Only to start all over again a few seconds later.
B was slightly reserved & took a backseat but he still enjoyed his Penguin experience.
I was actually shocked at what they looked like up close, very cute though!!

Little B & Me

There were a few school groups there that actually worried me about B potentially going in the future, to say they weren’t being watched over properly was a bit of an understatement. One little boy got away from his group, barged past B just to get a look at the Penguins. It took the teachers a good few minutes to realise & call him back, not apologising & instead just plodding off to annoy other customers.

We took a walk to Wanyama Village & Reserve, by this time B was really struggling as he was shattered but he kept powering on, what a little soldier!
The first animals we happened upon were the Meerkats, these were the only animals here that B took much notice of.

Little B & Me

I didn’t realise till I got home that he had actually put his hand up onto the glass in an effort to get the Meerkat to high five him!
These guys were so cute, I think their huge popularity is due to the Compare The Market advert.
Thankfully there weren’t many people in this area so B got to get up close for a long time all on his own.
B managed to trip up here & he grazed his knee but he shook it off & carried on. This is so unlike him, he usually cries if he gets a speck of dirt on his hands! He’s going to have OCD like his Grandad I think.

Our last attraction we visited was the Sealife area. This was lovely as it was a boiling hot day & inside was quite cool.
We only did a quick trip around here as B was shattered & I was getting fed up of the weather, I know I know us British ALWAYS moan about the weather.
There were some beautiful fish in here & it was a lovely place to walk around.
This was the only place B allowed me to buy him anything, I tend to over compensate when I’m out at attractions such as Chessington. My parents couldn’t really afford all the bits & bobs in the gift shops at places like this so I make sure B always gets at least one thing. We settled on a big blue Sealife bottle, which B refused to let go of even in his sleep. Infact on the way home he actually woke up when I took it out of his hands and cried till I gave it back to him.

We decided to head home as both boys were getting extremely tired, we had lasted 3 hours & those 3 hours were jam packed.
We loved our trip to Chessington World of Adventures & can’t wait to visit again.

I’ve seen numerous posts from people asking what age these type of places are appropriate for, in my personal opinion I wouldn’t have bought B any sooner than I did(He will be 2 in June). Its a lot for little ones to take in & there isn’t a huge amount they can go on when they are super small.

Full price tickets are exceptionally expensive for a family, even if you don’t pay for children till they are 3 years old. 12 years and up will pay £47.60 on the door price, you can however cut this price down by buying an early bird ticket online from £27.60. As you can see for an average family of 4 you are looking at £200 just to get in!
Try & grab the tickets when they or other companies do special deals.

If you are money conscious I do recommend bringing a packed lunch, however there are PLENTY of places to eat. From a hot dog to a full meal, none of which I could eat being Vegan.
Don’t expect it to be cheap though.

Pay for the carpark when you grab your ticket. Depending what carpark you go in the price ranges from £3 to £10. The ticket is easily forgotten so I do recommend buying one as you go in so you don’t get to the barrier & have to do a mad dash to the kiosk to buy a car parking ticket.

Wear comfortable & practical clothing & footwear, there is so much walking to do that its pointless wearing heels. Women, in the good weather go for flat shoes & a jumpsuit or playsuit or top & jeans, in bad weather stick to jeans, a t-shirt & trainers. Men…. just stick to your usual get up!
Remember to bring or buy one of the ponchos that keep you dry on the wet rides if being soaked is something that bothers you.

Enjoy yourselves.
Little B & Me

Little B & Me