I got to 8 months pregnant before I even thought about my hospital bag, the thought hadn’t entered my head that I needed to have something sorted & sorted soon. What do I need in my hospital bag?! If it wasn’t for a friend at the time, I probably would have gone in completely underprepared & had to call someone to go & get the bits I had forgotten.

The lovely ladies here at ‘The Baby Bag Company’ have come up with such a comprehensive list of bits you need & of course you could always have it done for you by the ladies!

What Do I Need In My Hospital Bag?

#1 Your birth plan, if you have one & of course your maternity notes. – These are so easily forgotten so when it get close to ‘the day’ I highly recommend keeping them in the bag. Birth plan wise if you are stuck have a google or speak to your midwife, if it wasn’t for my Hypnobirthing teacher, I wouldn’t have had a clue what to put in my birth plan.

#2 Bits for baby – Of course, this is an obvious one but what isn’t obvious is that depending on how long you’re in for, you are going to need a fair few spares. Be sure to pack the basics like vests, sleepsuits & depending on the weather mittens & hats. Of course the one thing you will need in a plentiful supply is nappies, I wasn’t quite prepared for the poo-storm that hit when B was first born. Be sure to have plenty just incase! Wipes wise I highly recommend water wipes for when baby is first born, they aren’t the cheap but they are so gentle on babies skin.

#3 Bits for you – Whatever you do! Don’t forget bits for yourself. I didn’t bring nearly enough towels or appropriate clothing. I gave birth in June & was lucky enough to be able to get myself into one of my maxi dresses the day after I had B. I recommend something comfy & loose! Appropriate underwear, my hospital did provide ‘underpants’ that were fabulous for holding the pads in place. I didn’t breastfeed so didn’t have to worry about a nursing bra but if you are planning on breastfeeding then remember nursing bras & breast pads!
I bought a lovely maternity dressing gown from Mothercare so would recommend having a look there for your sleepwear! Can’t be walking around your room or ward in the nudie rudie.

#4 Cleaning products – I couldn’t be without my cleanser & toner so I made sure I packed that along with some basic make-up. I also went out of my way to find non-scented wash products for bathing after I gave birth. I wanted to make sure B got used to my natural scent rather than instantly being over powered by a heavily perfumed body wash. Of course, don’t forget your toothbrush & toothpaste

#5 Phone & charger – We aren’t all lucky enough to have family close, so having a phone & a charger is a must for keeping in contact with those who need to be in the know! Plus its always lovely to get some natural images just after baby is born, I really wish I’d done this!

For the full list of items you need to make sure are in your hospital bag be sure to print off ‘The Baby Bag Company’ hospital checklist viewable here: https://www.thebabybagcompany.com/hospital-checklist/