When visiting attractions sometimes I really like to get a feel for the place by watching YouTube videos & reading reviews.
I always love the little extra bits people do, I always like hearing peoples special tips or recommendations when visiting somewhere.
I’m here to help you out, you’ve read my review, you’re excited to visit Peppa Pig World…. BUT you want some handy hints & tips for your trip well here we go! Here are my top tips for visiting Peppa Pig World.

Top Tips For Visiting Peppa Pig World

• Check your child’s height! Children under 1 metre tall get FREE entry! This does mean that they can’t go on certain rides on the park though.

• Book your tickets online & in advance. I personally recommend taking advantage of their 2 for 1 deal with a hotel! We got a fabulous deal from doing it directly from the Paulton’s Park website.

• Arrive for park opening. The park opens at 10AM & rides start at 10:30AM, by arriving at this time you are able to get parked within seconds with any choice of space. You also, on the whole, beat the majority of the queues.

• Bring a buggy, even if your little one isn’t so little anymore its a fantastic way to get them about quickly & a fantastic method of storage. We used B’s for the odd break for him & a place to pop all the bags & items we won. There are plenty of places to leave the buggy when you go on rides so don’t worry about that.

• Have some extra spending money. This isn’t a must BUT I do recommend having some if you can. I couldn’t help but buy the images of B on all the rides as well as a few little treats.

• Be prepared for all weather. Depending when you head over make sure you have the appropriate clothing & of course spares!

• Bring snacks if you don’t want to spend too much on food. Food isn’t particularly cheap here so to save money bring some snacks or a picnic.

• To save money buy items like waterproof poncho’s before hand. I recommend the £1 as they sell 2 for £1.

• If its been raining make sure to pack WELLIES! You know kids put Peppa together with MUDDY PUDDLES!

• Be sure to look around the entire park even if your child is little. The place is beautiful & has some hidden gems around, rides are dotted all around! Don’t miss out.

• Keep an eye on your map, we completely missed a ride B was desperate to go on. This was purely because we didn’t once look at the map!

• Plan toilet stops. They are dotted all around but make sure you make continued effort to visit them if your child is potty training.

• Leave the park EARLY! I say this from experience, by leaving the park around half an hour early on our full day at the park we were able to get straight out & off to the hotel. I have heard of people taking over an hour to leave due to the fact there is only one entry lane & one exit lane.

• ENJOY YOURSELF! We do hope you have a wonderful time at Paulton’s Park & Peppa Pig World. This is our favourite tip of all.

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