I’ve had a mixed year, some amazing highs & not so great lows. Its made me sit down & think about things that we should all leave behind in 2016. Instead of one new years resolution, I’ve got this list of things we just need to leave behind. Have a think as you read through my list & I hope you take at least one away with you.

Being Judgemental
This is something I do & I really need to stop, I am so ashamed of myself when I stop & think after saying something really pathetic. I snap so easily & say stupid judgemental comments, comments that sometimes should never be said & other times are just pure nasty.
I’m really confused at myself as to why I do this when its something I regularly have to put up with, this horrible judgement started when I was young before I even understood judging. Snide comments from grown women, it was awful once I started to realise what was happening. For it to be directed towards me from adults was even more confusing & upsetting, it almost made me believe it was normality.

Its not normality, its wrong & we should stop doing it. There’s also nothing worse than when parents do it, they do it in front of their children & their children copy them, its so upsetting to see & scary to watch. Especially when the children find the behaviour funny & judge those with disabilities.

Please think before you judge, there is rarely a time when its truly appropriate to judge someone from a first glance.

Constant Negativity
I come across people who never see the bright side of life, they only see the negatives. Even in the most perfect situation they will manage to find the negative.
I had it with someone I previously hired to do some work for me, she was rude about past clients & her general demeanour was negative. As a result I stopped using her & took myself away from her negativity. I found her negativity affected my behaviour, I felt dragged down & negative about stuff after reading what she had to say daily.

Whilst its quite hard to constantly be happy & see the positives it is something that we all need to do. Looking at the positives of a situation gives us a better outlook on the day & in some cases a better chance of succeeding on a task we need to complete.
If, for instance, I concentrate on the negatives of a job I have to complete then chances are it will take me double the time & it may not even get finished to my usual standards. Whereas if I looked at the positives of the same job I would get it done in a good time, meeting or even exceeding my usual standards.
I am still yet unable to see the positives of unloading the dishwasher HAHA! It will always be my least favourite chore!

Fake Friends
I am always having people come to me for advice on friends who they feel have let them down. They either haven’t turned up to arranged meets, haven’t been there in situations they really should have been or in the worst situations have been talking behind their backs & aren’t truly friends at all.

I, myself have stopped contact with numerous people where I was the only one making the effort. It got tiresome & my efforts were never appreciated, quite the opposite. It got to the point where I just didn’t think it was worth missing time with other people for those who weren’t even that phased with seeing me.

Sit & think are there people who you constantly have to contact, always have to ask if they’re free to meet & always have to go to them. They aren’t truly friends, you are wasting time on them when you could be spending it with people who really care for you & who really wish to see you.
Now that I spend less time trying to see people who aren’t interested in seeing me I feel that I have a lot more time to concentrate on my real friends.

One real friend is better than 10 fake friends.

Unhealthy Attitudes Towards Food
I see this time & time again & its just something I want everyone to stop. I’m talking about negative attitudes towards foods, both over & under eating.
I constantly see people bragging about under eating, one well known glamour model likes to tell her followers she’s starved herself for the past two days whilst other people delight in the fact of telling you they’ve just eaten 10,000 calories in one sitting. Neither of these are healthy & we need to stop promoting them, even if it is by mistake.

Good & bad foods in moderation, obviously try for more of the good foods than the bad.
If you feel you have any issues with food then please get help. Some doctors won’t understand but do not give up, get the help you deserve.

That being said there is no reason you can’t treat yourself to a good slice or two of cake once in a while.

Procrastinating (Putting Things Off)
I am the worst for this, even now I am putting off writing this post. I keep doing things in between & getting distracted by YouTube videos. Its so easy to put things off that aren’t coming easily to us or just putting them off because they require a little too much attention or energy.
I don’t think we always realise we are doing it to be honest, its just we’ll take a break & that will extend & extend meaning we are putting off the task we were previously taking part in.

Let’s leave this behind in 2016 & complete our tasks in good time & stop putting it off.
Stuff doesn’t get better or easier if you put it off.
The best time is now.

Not Following Your Dreams
This is another thing I am guilty of & it makes me so angry that its something I fall foul of! I don’t follow through with things I want to incase they don’t work or because I’m embarrassed. Its beyond silly when I actually sit & type out that I don’t try ‘just incase’, I’m very fortunate my fathers even told me he would start a business for me that I would take on once it was stable. The worry got the better of me though & I said no. Its such a silly thing to do, I really am sitting here kicking myself.
This is something I MUST change in 2017!

If you ever have a second thought about a dream, please don’t worry about it. TRY it, if you don’t try it you will never know.
My dream once upon a time was to be a model, I tried it & it wasn’t for me. I am happy in the knowledge that I tried & for certain reasons it just didn’t work out. I think if I’d left it & not attempted it then I’d still be wondering now!

Aim for the stars, try & succeed. Don’t let people tell you that your dream is impossible, don’t listen when your head tells you not to, just do it! (Unless its illegal of course).

It is sadly becoming clear to me how rife intolerance is at the moment, I don’t wish to mention specifics but it is becoming evident that we are not a tolerant nation or even world. People are becoming intolerant of certain races & religions without even knowing the facts, simply believing what the media & Facebook meme’s claim to the ‘the truth’. In day to day life we are becoming more intolerant, from road rage to walking rage when people walk too close or too slowly. I am forever being intolerant & having intolerance directed towards me, since deciding to write this post I have been trying to stay calmer & give people more time before I start to get wound up.

If you are an intolerant person really look into the thing you are intolerant of, you may just get a surprise.

Holding Grudges
This is one I’ve been guilty of but I can now see the negativity of holding grudges. Have you ever sat there & been so angry over someone, held onto a grudge for years & actually felt good for doing it? No!
I’m by no means saying forgive them but some grudges need to be left behind. Harness the grudge & hate & use it to benefit yourself, use it to your advantage, make it push you forward.

Leave your grudges toward your ex partner, friend, boss etc in 2016.

Body Shaming
This is something I feel strongly about, it is something that sickens me daily & really annoys me. Body shaming is when someone, regardless of size, is shamed for how their body looks. Skinny, overweight, tall, short, big breasted or flat chested, it can literally be over anything but it is something that is sadly becoming common place.
I am always reading the new links that come up on my Facebook & it seems regardless of the subject if its got a picture of a woman on it some idiot will bring up something about her body.

If said woman did charity work & it gets shared in the paper, people sadly instead of congratulating her will comment on the way she looks. This has to stop, we should not body shame. Everyone is different & we should accept that.

If you’ve been body shamed don’t let it get to you, grow that confidence & ignore the silly comments. Be proud of that beautiful body you have.

I genuinely hope you take at least one of these things & happily leave it behind in 2016 & move into 2017 with positivity filling your heart, mind & soul.
Good luck on your achieving your dreams, I hope 2017 is the start of something amazing for you all.

Love Me xo