This Easter weekend, just by chance, we started to dip our feet into the weird & wonderful world of potty training!
Three days into it & I feel the need to share the experience with you.
B, when you read this when you’re older, thank you for making the experience a funny one

Day One – ‘Show Me How To Poo Mum’ – Potty Training tee off!

*Setting the scene – been in pants all morning, so far so good. There has been no pee incidents*

Claims he wants a turd/ poo / plop / poop (Your choice)
Cries because he can’t poo.

*Leaves the room*

Decides its a fabulous opportunity to ask for a present if he does a turd on the toilet.

*Runs to the toilet in delight*

Sits & asks me how to do a turd, asks for mummy to show him how mummy does a turd.
Pushes for 10 minutes, stopping every so often to ask about the present he will receive if he does said turd on the toilet.
Gets frustrated so decides to see how far he can pull his winky.
Can’t poop, so decides that a wee is deserving of a present.

*Washes his hands for 10 minutes straight*

Day One – Day dry / Night dry

Day Two – I can’t poo without my PAD MUMMY

* Dry so far *

Decides he wishes to try for a poo on the big boy toilet
Decides that he cannot possibly poop without his pad.

*Runs & gets his pad to pop on the floor for the ‘poop off’*

Whinges for Mummy to show him how to poop, he wants a full on show of how to do a poop.
Realises that infant he cannot be bothered to poop on the toilet, wants a nappy on
Poops in said nappy. Happy B.

Cried because he had to wear a pull up to the park, decided that pull ups AND pants would be acceptable.

Held tinkle the entire trip to the park.

Decided that he’d like to watch me play Dead Rising 4, his new favourite thing to do.

Day Two – Day dry / Night dry

Day Three – Pee shower mummy, Pee shower

*Night Dry*

Shouts that he needs a ‘wee wee’, mummy takes less than one second to get him to the toilet but apparently thats too long. Mummy takes the nappy off & pee sprays all over the floor.

Various efforts throughout the day of pooping in the potty, all of which were a fail.

Screams & screams till he gets a nappy on, immediately poops in it. Very proud of said poop.

Numerous trips to the potty, pre-empted of course.

Yet another trip to the ‘plane’ park, pull up stays bone dry.

Huge pee once he reaching home ground. So huge, mum gets sprayed with pee! Arms, legs & hands.
Incident proves to be hilarious to B, not so much to mummy.

Day – Dry / Night – Dry