I must say, until recently, I’ve been lucky with B teething.
He breezed through the first few but as time passed he struggled increasingly, so here’s my post on the 6 items that helped us kick teethings bumbum.
Lets hope they help you & your baby too.


Anbesol is an antiseptic & anaesthetic liquid used for temporary relief of teething pain, denture irritation & mouth ulcers. I can’t find anywhere online that states the age for this product but when we tried to buy it in Boots they claimed it was for babies 6months plus.
Now I won’t lie, I tried this myself & thought it was rather good. Actually now I come to think of it, it was so good that Little B’s granddad demolished it when he had an infected tooth.
This miracle liquid can be placed on the affected area every 3 hours, I used to find this instantly relieved B’s teething pain & he was able to bop around quite happily for the next hour or so without the teeth pain bothering him.
I recommended this for babies & adults.

Price: £5.59 (Lloyds Pharmacy)
What age can I use this: 6 months+


This stuff is MAGIC, I don’t know how as its a natural herbal remedy, but this stuff would make B stop crying instantly. As soon as you gave him one he would appear happier and seemed to be in less pain.
The powders are in separate sachets which you place directly into little ones mouth, the powder not the actual paper sachet. Babies of 3-6 months have half a sachet in the morning and the other half in the evening. Babies of 6+ months can have a maximum of 6 sachets in a day and they can be given every 1 to 3 hours.
These sachets offer symptomatic relief of teething, this includes dribbling, flushed cheeks and sore gums.
This product is extremely expensive, which I think puts a lot of parents off, just believe me though it works miracles.
What makes it even better is the fact that its completely natural!

Price: £5.99 (Boots)
What age can I use this: 3 months+

Nuby Bug-A-Loop


We used the bug-a-loop for the time in between medicine doses. Its bright appearance and multi textured surface were immediately attractive to B, however to this day he still thinks its a bangle/handbag!
The nubs on the teether massage the gums to aid relief & due to its multiple teething surfaces the teether also helps aid the eruption of new teggies! (They need all the help they can)
The Bug-a-loop was enticing to B while he was small but now he just thinks its a toy & refuses to chew on it. This is a product to introduce when baby is small to ensure you get maximum use out of it.

Price: £3.99 (Nuby)
What age can I use this: 3 months+



This product is actually intended for the introduction of whole food whilst weaning. You place the food item inside the net & baby sucks on the net, the food then comes through the net in a smooth easy to manage consistency. The Nibbler allows baby to eat whole foods without the risk of choking!
We never used this product for that purpose, Instead we would place ice inside the net for teething relief! If you don’t want to use ice why not try frozen fruit or vegetables as they will work in the same way & be a tasty treat for baby.
This did give Little B instant relief from a really bad round of teething.

Price: £3.99 (Nuby)
What age can I use this: 6 months +



Chances are if you leave the house & pass a baby it will probably have one of these in its hand or in its changing bag. I used to see these & assumed they were a toy until my friends told me otherwise.
Whilst Little B was off with his dad I went on a mad dash to get one.
When I gave Sophie to him he was excited but didn’t know what on earth she was, he was happy nonetheless.
Let me tell you about Sophie, Sophie is more than just a toy, Sophie is a teething toy!
She is cute but also serves another purpose, she helps soothe sore teething gums.
Sophie entertained B till just before his first birthday, after that she was ignored, relegated to the bottom of his toy box.
In the few months we had her she did relieve his sore gums in between medicine doses.
Her squeak also made B laugh, what more could you ask for!

Price: £12.95 (John Lewis)
What age can I use this: From birth


Our teething gel of choice was Dentinox but plenty of others exist.
Dentinox is sugar free & offers fast relief from teething.
Whilst I didn’t find teething gel on its own hugely effective, combining it with other things like the Bug-a-loop did offer a decent relief.
We found teething gel more effective when it had been stored in the fridge, it seemed to offer B more relief.
As some teething gels can be used from birth upwards they do seem to be a turn to product. I found past 3 + months they didn’t quite give enough relief.
I keep some of this teething gel in the cupboard for minor irritations but I wouldn’t buy it again now that B is nearly 2!

Price: £2.99 (Chemist Direct)
What age can I use this: Birth onwards

Whilst I remember, teething gave my son an awful nappy rash so always keep a tube of Metanium nappy rash ointment in the house!
Before we found out about that cream we had to endure hours of bare bum time in an effort to get rid of the awful rash, que poo splattered all over my feet & the floor!!!!

I hope this saves you from an awful time teething!

Me xo