Hey check me out with my super hard hitting title!
I am so sorry this post has taken me so long but I have been busy running around after the headless chicken that is my 19 month old son.

First let me start off by saying the minute I got my letter I made an appointment & you should too.
NEVER leave it & if you have any concerns but haven’t been offered a smear, visit your doctor & discuss how you feel.

For those of you who do not wish to know what a smear test is like I recommend you stop reading here, but really theres no reason to stop reading the procedure is quick & painless.

I attended my smear alone, I couldn’t imagine not having anyone to look after my son & having to bring him with me, that would have stressed me out but hey my mum managed so I’m sure I would have too.
I was shown into a side room by a nurse & was asked to strip from the waist down & lay on the bed with my legs spread. Now this nurse is the most disorganised & odd woman ever, I can’t say I was looking forward to her performing the smear at all !
Que her faffing around trying to find the speculum, KY jelly & miners light(JOKE) they use this light to have clear view of our intimate area ladies. All this faffing while I’m on my back with my legs wide open, it wouldn’t have surprised me one bit for her to leave the door of the room unlocked.
After telling her I’d had a child she said I would be used to this… which I sure was.

Once she had found everything she needed it was time for the ‘sweep’ unfortunately not of the Supermarket kind(This is for you British daytime TV watchers reading)
Now this procedure to me was completely painless, others have described it as uncomfortable but after having 8 midwives have a rummage around down there it wasn’t anything I wasn’t used to.
Unfortunately again it was time for her to faff around after inserting the speculum she told me she couldn’t find my cervix(LOL) and then after finally finding it she a good old chat to it. This part made me laugh more than anything and the actual sweep part of the procedure was completely painless, I’d imagined feeling like a floor being broomed but alas that wasn’t the case at all.
She explained my test would be sent off & that I’d get my results within a week.
TADA my smear was complete, I had slight bleeding afterwards but that stopped within an hour & wasn’t enough to require a pad or mooncup.
My results came back within two weeks & the results came back normal. My next test will be 2018 but if I notice any chances I can go back and talk to the nurse who did my last test.

This post is purely to put your mind at rest, the test is a walk in the park compared to what could happen if you remain unchecked.
Ladies please don’t be scared to have your smear test done it isn’t painful, it isn’t embarrassing, it doesn’t take long but can I tell you what it can do, please feel free to tell your friends this, IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE.
Don’t hesitate book your smear today.