When I found out I was pregnant I literally went out & bought ANYTHING & EVERYTHING possible, most of which I never used. Victoria from Mummy Times Two has kindly written this post on the ‘products that make having a newborn easier’.
I really could have used this post when I was pregnant for a guide as to what products are actually helpful & worth spending money on.
Take note!

A Moses basket that rocks– This is one product I didn’t buy with my eldest, instead I chose a beautiful crib. A crib that not only cost me the earth, but that she never ever slept in. The second time round I learnt my lesson and the rocking motion really helped. Not only in settling Number Two into the crib at night, but in soothing him if he started to wake.

A car seat that your baby looks comfortable in– Again, a mistake I learnt the hard way. The first time around I bought a fantastic travel system and my pram was lovely. I just never thought to check how a baby looked in the car seat. Consequently car journeys quickly became a nightmare.

A changing bag that you love (and that’s practical)– When you have a baby you’re vulnerable and in those first few weeks post birth you definitely don’t feel your best. None of your clothes seem to fit properly, so having a little bit of glamour in life definitely helps the transition to Motherhood.

Baby clothes that are easy to get on and off– In those early days, babies hate to be messed with, so anything you buy needs to be easy to manoeuvre them into and out of. Especially for those night time changes. I used baby nighties with both of mine (yes even the boy). Trust me, if it means you get a bit more sleep, it’s well worth it.

Nipple cream– If you’re going to try breastfeeding it will help. I promise.

Bibs with poppers– Do not go near the Velcro ones. They get stuck to and damage everything in your washing machine. I know you think you’ll remember and attach them, but in a sleep deprived haze, that just isn’t going to happen. However many you think you’re going to need, double it. You can’t have too many.
Products That Make Having A Newborn Easier

Muslin Squares– The muslin square fad hadn’t really arrived when I had Number One, so these were new for me this time around. I would definitely buy them again though, whether you use them for feed time, cleaning noses, somewhere to lie your baby when out and about or a light covering in the summer, they are worth their weight in gold.

A baby carrier or sling– Sometimes you just need your hands free, even if your baby doesn’t know it. Many areas have sling libraries. Its worth trying before you buy if you’ve never worn one before as there are lots of different slings & carriers on the market.

A baby swing or rocking chair– It doesn’t need to be an expensive one, but they do come in really useful, especially if you ever want to shower!

Food– Ok this isn’t strictly speaking a product, but a well stocked freezer will definitely help those first few weeks go that little bit smoother.

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