I’m a huge fan of personalised presents, since early 2014 I’ve been buying my parents very special personalised presents. I found prior to this I was always buying the same pointless stuff that meant absolutely nothing. I want to help you with choosing the best by sharing with you my favourite personalised present ideas for adults! *PLEASE NOTE* All of these items have either been bought by myself for my parents or a future planned gift.

Personalised Present Ideas For Adults

Personalised Present Ideas For Adults
• ‘Grandad & Me Keyring’ – I ordered this for my father in 2014, my heart absolutely melted when I saw it & I just knew it was the perfect present from B to my dad! I was certainly correct & my dad still uses it to this day. The above image was taken a day ago & you can see its survived well for being on keys that are used every day of the year.

You have the option of personalising the engraving, which if you leave it will read ‘Grandad & Me’. I left the engraving & just gave them the year in which my dad was born & B’s year of birth, they then place a coin from the year the Grandad was born & a coin from the year the Grandchild was born. There is also an option to add two extra coins to the keyring. I think its a beautiful present & has real meaning behind it.

The item can still be bought via the ‘Not On The Highstreet’ website: https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/mwstudio/product/grandad-and-me-keyring

Personalised Present Ideas For Adults
•’Personalised Handmade Baby Boy Birth Plaque Keepsake’ – I ordered this beautiful plaque for my mum, she is obsessed wooden signs & I thought this would suit her! I personalised the present with all of B’s birth details, weight & name.
This present went down a storm with my mum & she still has it up now!

The item can still be bought via ‘Not On The Highstreet: https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/primitiveangelcountrystore/product/handmade_baby_boy_birth_plaque

Personalised Present Ideas For Adults
• ‘Personalised Sterling Silver Belonging Keyring’ – You can see a theme developing with my recommendations. I absolutely love key rings! I saw this one & instantly knew my mum would love it.
I loved that you could personalise the wording Nanna/Grandad/Mum etc & the fact that you could choose one of their super cute little design stamps.
My mum still uses this keyring & as you can see its still in fabulous condition!

The item can be bought via ‘Not On The Highstreet’: https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/theenglishshipmate/product/personalised-quotemark0-keyring-boxed

Personalised Present Ideas For Adults
• ‘Personalised Special Date Round Keyring’ – This is a present that has yet to be given so I’m hoping the recipient doesn’t see this post! I absolutely fell in love with this when I saw it, a simple design but with a lot of potential meaning behind it.
I was the recipient to be reminded of this special day & the love behind it.

You can buy this item via ‘Prezzy Box’ : http://www.prezzybox.com/personalised-special-date-round-key-ring.aspx

I enjoyed writing this ‘Personalised Present Ideas For Adults’ post for you, I think I will start doing a few more wish list style posts. ONLY recommending products that I have actually bought & tried out.