You must be here because you read our previous post or because your child’s tooth needs extracting, please don’t panic, I’m here to put your mind at rest. This is our story of the day B got his mean ol’tooth extracted. Read about our amazing experience at the Chartwell Dental clinic & put your mind at ease.

We were sent home to wait for the phone call to tell us whether they’d be able to fit us in, I managed to tempt B into a bit of happiness by buying him a Lego Duplo set. It worked for so long but then he was just in fits of unrest & crying from the pain. We had to wait around an hour but we were told that we could have an appointment in Watford at ‘ The Chartwell Dental Surgery’. I’m a bit funny about when I head to places so I sat on Google Maps for a bit seeing where abouts it was & where I could park.

We had a few hours wait which was hell, he couldn’t eat or drink for those few hours & it wasn’t the easiest but when we set off the poor thing immediately fell asleep. I really think the tooth had been affecting him for far longer than we all realised. The journey wasn’t bad at all mainly as he was asleep & the fact that we left just after lunch time. We managed to get parked down a side street which because we had to go so far down so unrestricted with times so that was one less stress for me.

The walk up the street was long & fraught, B was in a state as he was in pain & because he’d just woken up from a nap. I felt a weight being lifted from my shoulders when we arrived at the doors to the dentist.
You know when you walk in somewhere & immediately know you’ve made the correct choice, well it was like that here.
We were greeted by one of the loveliest people I’ve come across, she made a huge fuss of B & tried her best to calm him down.

It was exceptionally hard to deal with the paperwork whilst B was attached to me but I managed it. They made it clear that B was exceptionally young to be going through this but that they would help us as much as they could. B was weighed & then we were asked to make him do a wee, now B whinges enough wee-ing while he’s out & feeling well let alone when he’s in pain. We managed the tiniest bit of wee but we did it!

We really didn’t have long to wait & they called us in, we were greeted by 5 members of staff which honestly sent my stomach into loop-the-loops. I immediately started to panic but managed to hold it in for B’s sake, I was pulled to one side to go through B’s notes & to be made aware that because of his age only gas & air along with some numbing gel & local anaesthetic could be used but that they would try their best to help.

Now I honestly couldn’t have asked for nicer people to look after B, they had to contend with him screeching, kicking, trumping (I did have to laugh) & crying but they took their time & went slowly, it turned out that most of the upset was due to B hating the gas & air! Between holding the mask on his face & soothing him they popped some numbing gel under his lip & injected him two or three times with local anaesthetic. This kid didn’t wince or cry when they injected him, which led me to believe they hadn’t injected him. Before I knew it I looked up & the tooth was laying on the side & B was crying but a completely different cry to before. He had a very bloody mouth but the kid looked so relieved.

I couldn’t stop thanking the staff, they were beyond amazing & I can’t begin to recommend the place enough.
We were shown into the recovery room where B was just begging to go home. Bless the lady in the room she was worried about B bleeding on my clothes but I couldn’t care less, I was just relieved that the thing causing B so much issue was finally gone & in the cutest little tooth shaped box!
B was calmed down however when he was told about Peppa Pig stickers & that if he calmed down enough he could leave. People continually tell me he doesn’t understand but he immediately stopped crying when he was told he could go home!
We were given a mini care letter,some gauze & a little box with B’s tooth in, if he could have run out he would but we made a slow exit & headed home.

B shocked us all by immediately eating jelly strawberries & on the whole settling down immediately, well after he’s ordered his grandad to fill his massive ‘Nemo swimming pool’. On the way home he had a little nap & awoke in a less than fabulous mood, that was till he noticed said Nemo pool had been filled & after telling us all he hated to hole where his tooth used to be he ran around like nothing had happened, I knew beyond anything that I’d made the right decision.

So Your Child’s Tooth Needs Extracting

•Please don’t panic, I know thats easier said than done as I’ve been there & its really hard.
•Make sure theres nothing that can be done to save said tooth.
•Be sure to ask every single question you have.
•Do NOT be scared to ask questions or ask for things to be explained.
•Push for sedation over general anaesthetic
•Don’t think its an easy road or the easy way out, its not nice & I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, especially a child.

If you can I recommend heading to The Chartwell dentist or somewhere very similar.
Please contact Chartwell Dental to see if they can help you (we were referred to Chartwell by our dentist).

Read about how B’s tooth died here: Help My Child’s Tooth Died

This was B the day after his extraction, he ended up with a slightly blackened eye & puffy face but he was out playing without any pain relief!