You may or may not be aware but in March I lost both my nan & my grandad on my dads side. I wasn’t close to my grandad but I became close to my nan when she got ill. My nan sadly suffered from Dementia, her dementia has made me realise how special memories are. Its made me truly realise how I need to live life & make as many memories as possible & of course to share those memories so they are never forgotten.

My nans memories were cruelly stolen from her by the vile disease that is Dementia, thankfully my nan was a chatterbox & gossip so we were aware of so many of her memories. We knew of her difficult beginnings, cheeky middles & exceptionally tough ending. Whilst I’m so pleased we have her memories, it scared me to think that if anything ever happened to me then my some of my memories would be forever lost. It made me panic that I haven’t done enough to create amazing memories for B’s future.

THIS is my turning point & it should be yours TOO!!

Take a minute to think, do you have stories & memories that only you know about?
Don’t let those stories & memories get lost, share them with the world.
I have vivid memories of picking ring pulls in a field full of cow crap because my nan wanted to get money for them, I only remembered this the other day when I was told where her wake was being held. No one had a clue what I was talking about, nor did they know why my nan made me do it! However small or pointless the memory is I appreciate them SO much!

Take this post as a reminder, a reminder to push yourself & make those memories.
Memories can be anything from a first theme park trip to the time your little one wet themselves in the Pound shop (This is a true story from a friend- it will stick with me forever).

How I make memories

This year is exceptionally important to me, come September life will never be the same again. B starts nursery so our life will change until he is MUCH, MUCH older. From now until September I am building as many memories as possible with him.
We’ve already been to Peppa Pig World, we are regulars at Paradise Wildlife Park, we do small park trips, we have fun rides in the car. However BIG or small the memory they will always stick in my head & I will share them with you.

Don’t expect too much of yourself or spend too much money, you DO NOT need to spend lots of money to make memories.
The walk in the park that cost you nothing may be a memory that will forever stick with you or your child.
Come to think of it, I barely remember the big costing outings instead the experiences that stick with me are the play dates my mum used to take me on. My parents always tried their best to take me places & that will always stick with me. Trust me if you do the same for your friends, family or children… They will remember it.

Leave your fondest memory below, NEVER to be hidden or taken away.


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