Its been well documented in the UK press how our rules need to change regarding the age in which we are allowed a smear test on the NHS. (We are offered the test once we are 25)

My time has come & that time is tomorrow to be checked.
So many women put their smear tests off, I’m not sure if its due to the fear of the actual test or the fear of the results. I’ve come to realise nothing is worse than not knowing & even worse having something & not treating it early enough.

I have lost my grandfather to cancer, he never met my son & never got to see me grown up. Hearing how he left his cancer too late, ignoring the symptoms & hoping they would go away has made me realise I can’t ignore my letter for my smear.

For those of you unaware of smear tests or unsure of what they mean let me explain:
Put simply, a smear test/Cervical screening is a method of detecting abnormal cells on the cervix. Catching these abnormal cells early enough & removing them can prevent cervical cancer.
(Information taken from NHS website )

The thought of having anything scares me, but the thought of leaving it & having something that develops into cancer scares me even more.

Whilst being pregnant, I was checked “down there” so many times that the actual test doesn’t bother me one bit. My fear comes from the fact I will have to wait two weeks for the results. This fear is the same fear I experienced when I took the combined down syndrome test while I was pregnant, the waiting scared me half to death & caused me a huge amount of anxiety.
I then realise although there is a huge amount of anxiety caused by this test, the pros far outweigh the cons.

For those of you who are unaware of the test I shall explain what happens:
You will be asked to undress from the waist down & lay on a couch, similar to the type of couch/bed you receive massages on. Once you are comfy a speculum will be inserted into your vagina. See image below.
Little B & Me

This is holds the vagina open so the cervix can be seen, a small soft brush will then be used to collect cells from the surface of your cervix (Information taken from )
This sample will then be sent off for analysis.
It is claimed that the test can be uncomfortable but shouldn’t be painful. I will comment more on this tomorrow once I have had my test done.

I don’t want any women to put off having this test, I want them to know there is nothing to be afraid of.
If this post makes only one woman realise she hasn’t been tested before or in a long while then its so worth it, don’t get me wrong though I hope it makes many women realise they need to be tested!

Huge hugs & kisses.
Make sure you get tested ladies & tell your friends to get tested too.
There is NO shame & we shouldn’t feel embarrassed about this.