I am continually get asked about B’s hair, how long has he been having it cut? How do I get him to sit still? Oh, and of course people are continually stopping him to tell him how lovely his hair is! I wanted to do this post so you know how to get your child ready for their first haircut. B isn’t always up for a haircut even after double figure haircuts, these tips help make the best of a sometimes fraught situation.

Hype it up

The worst thing you could probably do is surprise your child with a haircut! They’ll start to distrust you if you do things like that & thats not what anyone wants, it also can affect how they feel about the barbers/ hairdressers.
Make sure you really hype up the idea of the haircut, let them know in plenty of time that they are going to get their hair done & how grown up they’ll be having their hair cut. Kids love to feel grown up so its a trick I ALWAYS use with B, if he won’t do something I tend to tell him thats its a grown up activity & hey presto! HE LOVES IT!

I can highly recommend YouTube videos, I know it sounds odd but B has got used to new experiences just by watching YouTube videos. If I’m honest he’s actually grown to love some activities before he’s even tried them due to watching videos about them. Make sure to watch the video before you show your child as sometimes the videos aren’t quite what they appear to be.

If you child still seems hesitant, try taking them to your chosen barbers/hairdressers. Seeing other people having their hair done & being familiar with the environment can sometimes do the world of good.

Distract, distract, distract

Distraction is always a good technique to use if your child is slightly nervous about something, especially a haircut.
The distraction can literally be anything, well anything that keeps them still & concentrating on something that isn’t the haircut.
You could bring along your pad so your little one can watch their favourite television programme or movie, you could sing them their favourite song or even read to them. Songs keep B entertained for ages, he absolutely loves joining in with them.

You don’t have to distract them for the entire time, just enough time for them to come to the realisation that the haircut isn’t scary & certainly doesn’t hurt.

Don’t pamper to them

I am always guilty of this & I’m starting to realise what a mistake I’ve made constantly giving into B immediately by giving him what he wants. Letting him decide when & if he does things has really not turned out too well for me this year, in fact its bitten me right on the bottom.
Within reason make sure its clear that you are in charge & they can’t be allowed to mess about or dictate if & when they get their hair done. Its hard to get the line right though between forcing & just letting them go when they say so.
Don’t panic if you don’t get it right first time, its usually a fluke when I get things right first time anyway!

Have patience

Its so easy to lose your temper when things don’t go quite right, especially in public. Patience is the best way to rock out a haircut, if your child kicks up a fuss talk to them calmly, difficult I know, try & chill them out the best you can.
B sometimes kicks up so much of a fuss that I genuinely don’t think he’ll get his hair cut, it usually ends up though that he sees the glass of lollies, takes one & runs to the ‘hair cup chair’. B doesn’t call hair cuts ‘hair cuts’, he calls them hair cups! I quite like it to be honest.

Be sure not to take your child out of the hairdressers/barbers at the first hint of a tantrum or meltdown. Keep calm & power through, theres been so many times I’ve nearly bottled out of something because of B having a tantrum but I’ve managed to ride most of them out. In the end he ends up being super happy, especially after a fresh trim! He loves watching himself in the mirror, I have NO idea where he gets it from.

Know the barber/hairdresser- Check out the reviews

Never ever go in blind, always check the place out before you take your little one in for a cut! Now this sounds obvious but I have many a time seen people go into a hairdressers just because they have those car hair dressing seats or something silly like that!
Your best bet would be to head to Facebook & ask around on your local parent pages, you’ll get honest recommendations & also be told where to avoid. It’s the easiest way as its straight from the mothers/fathers mouths. Reviews on Google can easily be faked, so best bet is to ask on these types of pages or your local mummy/daddy friends.
Don’t go just by looks, the car seats are NOT a good enough reason to use somewhere, in fact as a mummy, I’d prefer to use somewhere without them.

How To Get Your Child Ready For Their First Haircut

I really hope these little tips help, B’s father kindly did them for me.
If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below & I shall get him to answer them for you.

I’m sending you all the love in the world so you have a happy, easy going hair cut with your little one OR an exceptionally patient barber/hairdresser.

Be sure to watch our YouTube video, straight from the barbers mouth.

How To Get Your Child Ready For Their First Haircut