B’s poorly tooth journey started about 2 months ago. I turned to talk to my friend & he did something he’d never done before, he moved forward out of his carseat & tried to jump down. Sadly he slipped & nutted his beautiful face on the car door trim. First off I noticed that a huge chunk of paint was missing which made me panic… WHAT HAD HAPPENED? B had actually completely chipped his tooth in half. Pretty much exposing the nerve at the back. So this is the story of what happened when my child’s tooth died.

I instantly called the dentist & booked an appointment as quickly as I could, the incident happened on the Saturday & I managed to get an appointment on Monday. I must add B showed no signs of being in pain, he jumped straight on a bouncy castle after he chipped his tooth so I just didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Sadly I didn’t quite realise how bad of an angle B managed to chip his tooth.

Our Dental surgery was fabulous, we were treated so well & for B’s time he was an absolute angel. The dentist, I must add, was absolutely gorgeous & very very sweet with B. He decided to pop in a filling over the tooth, this was because B had managed to break his tooth at an angle which nearly left the nerve exposed. We were told that if it fell off then we immediately needed to get an appointment to have another mini filling popped on.

Give or take a week or two & I noticed the filling had come off whilst changing B’s nappy, gosh this makes me realise how long ago it was. B IS NOW IN PANTS!
I immediately called & got another appointment booked but this time we were given a different dentist. When we visited this one he refused to pop on another filling & just sent us on our way after telling us what we should be looking for, including if the tooth died.

B was absolutely fine with the tooth, happily showing it off & quite happily plodding along with it.
Last week, however, he started to complain that the tooth hurt. I’d couldn’t see any change & there was no inflammation or lump so just thought it was perhaps a little sensitive. On Saturday morning at B’s TinyTykes football class my mum noticed that the tooth had gone grey. I immediately panicked but kept myself calm for B’s sake. He was mostly in good spirits but 2 days ago he started getting upset about the tooth & said that it hurt. My dentist quickly got him in & we again headed over.

B looks forward to the dentist, he’s one of those children. The Dentist & Doctors are quite fun for him, please don’t ask how I managed that!
We got there & the dentist wasn’t bothered about the fact B’s tooth had died & again just told us to look out for a pimple like spot which would be an abscess. He told us to come back if B stopped eating/drinking or struggling with sleep.
By the time bedtime came around B was sobbing his heart out & begging me to take his tooth out, it was absolutely awful to see. He wouldn’t settle regardless of what I did, I managed to get some Calpol in him which soothed him slightly enough to get him off to sleep. Prior to this we had called ‘111’ our NHS number for advice. They told us that they were surprised no X-Ray had been taken & that perhaps B had an infection that could be helped with antibiotics.

The night wasn’t easy for B, he was whinging on & off the entire night. I really felt for him, I managed to get one lot of Ibruprofen into him but he refused to take anymore.
When he awoke he was very up & down. From super highs to awful lows. A message was left on the dentist’s answer phone & I spent the next hour or so getting ready & chilling B out.
The lady who phoned from the dentist was SO amazing, she said that B couldn’t carry on the way he was & got me an appointment immediately. In the rush, brains over here forgot that although we live 20 minutes from the dentist & 9AM that time is nearly tripled. Add to that that I accepted the appointment at 8:10AM & I was still in my dressing gown.

I managed to get B dressed & out of the house by 8:20am, I have no idea how I managed it but I did. The traffic was awful & B asked me why I just couldn’t move all of the cars out of the way. Its quite adorable how easy they think it is really.
Thankfully we managed to get there in time & I was greeted by the receptionist who unloaded so many questions onto me.
‘How much did B weigh?’
‘What is B’s Doctors name?’
‘What was B’s NHS number?’
My mind went blank, I guessed his weight & told her our surgery name but his NHS number wasn’t something I knew or could get right at that moment. *NOTE TO PARENTS – Be sure to have this information on you if you are heading into an emergency dentist appointment.

It turns out that they wanted to send B off to be sedated & have the tooth pulled. After examining him the dentist told us that it was inflamed, puffy & needed to come out. They dropped a bombshell that they won’t sedate a child under a certain weight which I was adamant B was, turns out he wasn’t quite there!
I was in a state as I thought they wouldn’t help him & he’d be stuck in pain for ages.

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