Feeling bloated after eating meat? Got spotty skin? Suffering from stomach pains after consuming dairy? Why not try going Vegan for Veganuary, you may just surprise yourself with the yummy food & pain free existence! I’ve been Vegan for 6 months now, I genuinely couldn’t feel better. I no longer suffer from the stomach pains, spotty skin & bloating that were a daily occurrence for me when I used to consume animal products.
Sound interesting? Here’s how you can join in & go Vegan for Veganuary.

Why Go Vegan?

Oh my gosh where do I start? A love of animals should help you try & succeed in, at the very least, taking part in Veganuary. I’ve only been following a Vegan diet for 6 months & I’m learning every day about the things I can & can’t consume.
Another great reason to try going Vegan is for your health, none of us are under any illusion that meat consumption is ‘good’ for us, especially not in large quantities. I honestly loved meat. I wouldn’t lie to you but I started to feel ill after consuming it the same with Dairy, I stopped eating them & the health issues have now disappeared, coincidence?! I think not!
I’m not the type of person to make you feel bad for eating meat, heck I even did it myself once upon a time BUT if I could get you to just try Veganuary then I’d feel happy in that fact.

A Little Help From Veganuary
I use Veganuary when I head out to eat, they post about meals you can eat safely as a Vegan at certain restaurants. This was beyond helpful before I came across the holy grail on the high street to Vegans, ZIZZI!
If you fancy trying out Veganuary then head on over to Veganuary’s Website. Not only can they advise you about how best to undertake Veganuary, you can also have a search on the site for fabulous recipe s & as stated above, the dishes you can eat if you eat out.

Its Not All Lettuce Leaves & Raw Veg!
I regularly snack on hot dogs, sausage rolls, burgers & biscuits. They are all vegan.
Some of my favourite vegan alternatives that I can recommend are:

•Frys Hotdogs- They are unreal, they smell like meat hot dogs & they taste absolutely fantastic.

•Frys Chicken burgers- I panicked when I first tried these as they seemed SO similar to chicken! I honestly thought I’d accidentally got real chicken burgers BUT alas no they are absolutely fantastic. They taste fabulous & are really juicy, I always found real chicken burgers to be exceptionally dry.

•Frys Sausages- WOW! These bad boys are fabulous. When I was vegetarian I had tried Quorn sausages & it honestly put me off ever trying a meat alternative sausage, I simply went without. I went without until I discovered Frys amazing sausages, I tend to have them once a week with potatoes. They are quite juicy if you cook them correctly & they have a fantastic taste.
They are super filling too, if I have potatoes & veg I can only manage 2!

•VBites Meatless Meatballs- I feed these to my friends in spaghetti bolognese! They are none the wiser, they say the only reason they know they aren’t meat is because of the lovely consistency of the balls. They are so yummy & very very soft, its fabulous to have a spaghetti bolognese with no gristle! These are by far my favourite Vegan product! I usually serve them with Tesco’s Value Garlic Bread which is also Vegan & just 38p.
v-bites meatless meatballs

•Zizzi Vegan Pizza- I got very tired of the limited options for vegans when I used to go out to eat, that was until I discovered Zizzi’s Vegan menu. It is now my favourite restaurant, the vegan options are amazing & the staff are lovely.
I love their spaghetti option but after not being able to have Pizza’s for nearly four years this was a super welcome surprise. A very welcome, extremely yummy option. They have their own vegan cheese & I was actually worried that it wasn’t Vegan when I first tried it! If you go to Zizzi when you are handed your menu make sure to ask for the Vegan menu instead.

•Fry’s Chicken Nugget- This was another option that made me panic, panic because it tasted like real meat. They are extremely amazing & juicy. I absolutely love them as an alternative mid-week meal.

Don’t panic yourself, theres plenty of options
I used to think that there was barely anything Vegans could eat, that they just lived on salads. The above has made it clear that thats not the case!
Remember you can make most meals Vegan by simply changing some of the ingredients, I’ll give you a few options below:

•Chilli- Love Chilli? Don’t feel like you can go without? Simple, just swap the mince meat to either Vegan mince or make the chilli a Bean Chilli instead! My favourite is to buy a pre-made sauce from Tesco & add in various types of beans. Its up to you which beans you add in but I recommend a range of beans with some chilli flakes added in for good measure.

•Stir-fry – This is a simple one to change into a Vegan meal. You have two options you can either change the meat for a Vegan alternative (Chicken style strips from Frys, Tofu or similar) or you can go for a vegetable stir-fry. If I have the products in then I will have two stir frys a week! I am a huge lover of Stir-frys. My current favourite is Fry’s Chicken Style Strips, beanshoots, mushrooms, peppers & spring onion along with some rather yummy noodles, they make a perfect stir fry.

•Curry- Fan of curry? Not a problem, you don’t need to stop having it just because you’ve gone Vegan. As long as the sauce doesn’t have any animal products in then you can just swap the meat for a meat alternative or veggies! If your favourite sauce has animals products in then see if theres a Vegan alternative, so far I have found Korma, Masala & Butter Chicken vegan alternatives. All of those can be found in Tesco’s!

•Chocolate cake- Don’t even worry! You don’t have to stop having cake. We have Vegan alternatives. Betty Crocker’s Devils Food Cake mix & icing are both Vegan(until you add eggs), you will need a egg replacement to make the cake but that can be bought from Tesco or you can make your own. You can however find alternatives online of what you can use in an eggs place, half a ripe banana mashed & unsweetened apple sauce to name but a few.
This is my very warmly received Vegan cake, people even say they are shocked when they find out its Vegan!
Vegan friendly chocolate cake

I wish you luck on your Veganuary journey.
If you need any help at all feel free to leave me a message below.
Big Vegan hugs & kisses.