Dummy, Pacifier, Binky, Bo-Bo, Sucky, Call it what you may but I’m here to talk about them!
B never had one as a newborn, I can’t actually think of a picture of him with one in his mouth, fast forward 6 months to when he got Bronchiolitis, it all changed. I was moaned at for not having a dummy with me at the hospital but that was only because he didn’t want one. Let me tell you it was the start of his love affair with his dummy & my fight towards ditching the dummy!

Ditching The Dummy

B wasn’t always a massive fan of his dummy, he could go days without mentioning it & then weeks of begging for it & having it every single moment of a day when he was at home.
I guess the point he hit that turned his love & hate for his dummy was when he got Chicken Pox. The only thing that calmed him down & got him to settle was his dummy, if I sit & think about it I probably could have calmed him down in other ways but all he asked for was his dummy.

B would have his dummy whenever he was on his pad, he even got to the point where he would expect to be able to have it when he was playing. He would use the dummy as a bargaining chip, I probably did the same too. I really regret this & would urge people to avoid doing the same.

When I took B to the dentist after his tooth trauma I expected the dentist to back me up but instead he said that dummies were okay. When I actually sat down & thought about it, its probably because he knows in the long run he’d earn a lot out of us with the need for braces etc! I was down one point here as he clearly said in front of B that its okay to have a dummy till 5! YES 5 years old, it just wasn’t what I wanted to hear & definitely not what I wanted B to hear!

Recently B would continually ask for his dummy & I used to, stupidly, give in. It got to the point where it was affecting how he was talking & he’d refuse to take his dummy out to talk!
I realised then that the dummy HAD TO GO! I didn’t want B to be attached to it but sadly he was.

I tried one night & he literally screamed the house down as if he was being physically hurt, he bucked, grunted, screamed, kicked & spat, All over a dummy!
I felt so stressed, I had to come downstairs because my arms hurt so badly from being kicked!
I ended up giving in & letting him go to bed with his dummy, not before telling him it would be going soon!

We’d previously explored Dumbleby Forest at Paradise Park; Time To Lose The Dummy Our Trip To Dumbleby Forest, where the idea hit me that I finally wanted to take the dummy away.
B had the book & was aware of the story & seemed quite happy with the thought of his dummy going to help another little boy or girl. I kept trying to mention the book but it just went down like a lead balloon! I was honestly at the point of feeling like he’d have the dummy till he was 18!

Day by day he was trying to get his dummy more & more. His favourite line was ‘5 minutes’… it never was 5 minutes & when that time did come by gosh he kicked up a stink at having it taken away. I decided to offer him the chance to give up his dummy for a treat, he had asked for a NINJAGO Lego set. I told him if he went without his dummy then he could have the lego set the next morning. He agreed, score I THOUGHT. What ensued was an hour of bawling for his dummy but eventually he literally used all his energy crying that he fell asleep.

Ever since then B hasn’t had his dummy! B would cry & then ask for his dummy when he went up to bed for about 3 days, then ever since he hasn’t mentioned it. He now has 2 stories before bed after those stories he settles down for his sleep. He will usually fall asleep in around 5 to 10 minutes. However, on a bad day it can take up to an hour!
If he wakes in the night then he seems to soothe himself back to sleep.

Please do not worry about taking dummies away, it is not something to be feared.
Stay strong & ditch the dummy!