A few months ago I made the decision that I would take B to Paultons Park to experience their Christmas celebrations!
We have already been twice this year in March & June but Christmas at Paultons Park was something that had to be done, Paulton’s Park is such a magical place so what could be better than to celebrate our Christmas at Paultons Park.

At just over £100 for 3 adults & 1 child I personally don’t think it was expensive. We live in Hertfordshire & the journey took us a little over 2 hours!
When we arrived the park was done so simply but so nicely. I’m not a huge fan of over the top decorations but Paultons did their decorating so well.
christmas at paultons park

Our appointment with the big man himself wasn’t till 11:30AM so we decided to head to Peppa Pig World first to spend some time on a few of the smaller rides. B decided that he was going to flat out refuse to go on anything & just wanted to go into ‘Georgie Pig’s Soft Prayyyy’ as he calls it (George Pig’s Soft Play). He absolutely loves it in there & I have to admit it is a well done soft play. You can clearly see into the entire frame so you really don’t need to be on edge the entire time.
I managed to pull B away & we took a super slow walk to see Santa.

We arrived at Santa’s Grotto about 15 minutes before our appointment, by the way the Grotto is just after the entrance. Easily located & easy to access. We were allowed in the warm to queue up. After around 10 minutes we were allowed into a ‘holding pen’ style room with a talking Reindeer. I assumed it wouldn’t be a long wait after that but how wrong was I! We were queuing up for around half an hour now I must admit the queue line was decorated & themed so well but my gosh all you could hear was children screaming because they were so bored. The wait was far too long, even with the amazing themeing. B is now 3 & a half & he was a right grump after about 20 minutes, that was until he thought he was Squirrel Nutkin from Peter Rabbit.

I literally cannot fault our Santa claus, oh except for him thinking my dad was my husband haha! He was one of the best Santa’s we’ve ever met & trust me we’ve seen a fair few in the 3 and a half years B has been around. He was chatty, friendly, funny & very VERY good with a shy B. He even spoke to me, my mum & my dad, this made B laugh as he was checking to see if we were on the naughty or nice list!
WE MADE IT ONTO THE NICE LIST, you will be pleased to hear! You receive a pre-wrapped present once you’ve exited Santa’s grotto & you can also view & buy your image with santa there.
We grabbed the photo as it was super cute & the first one of us as a family altogether.


After this B was adamant he wanted to go to ‘The Lost Kingdom’ side of the park & was a little miffed that the splash park was closed for the winter, I know.. Who would have guessed that in December they would close a water park HA!
I absolutely love this side of the park, it has the big kid rides & its always so quiet. B wanted to do the ‘hook a duck’ style game to win a Dinosaur but ended up having a full scale meltdown because he didn’t win a SMALL dinosaur, yes thats right he wanted a small one!
He was in a mood so decided that he wanted to go back to Peppa Pig World so I decided, in my infinite wisdom’ to head on to ‘The Flight of the Pterosaur’ with my dad. Oh my gosh it reached the top of the climb & I instantly regretted it. We had the entire ride to ourself & I screamed my head off the whole way. So much so that when we pulled back into the station the man controlling the ride did make a comment that he could hear me the entire way round… WHOOPS!

B was in a far better mood when we headed back to Peppa Pig World. So much so he ended up going on most of the rides in a rather snazzy mood!
I highly recommend going to the special photo studio in PPW, they take a picture of your child on a green background & superimpose a rather fabulous background behind them. This is a favourite of B’s & this was his third image!

christmas at paultons park

B was rather interested in the two new rides that are due MAY 2018, he was desperately trying to work out what type of rides they were but soon settled on going on a few of the high spinning rides with Nanna & Pops! He also was quite happy to go on the cars.. AS LONG AS HE DROVE hahaha. The staff at Paultons are AMAZING, they make the experience that little more special. B was complimented on his ‘parking’ skills by the lady on the car ride, he was SO proud.

christmas at paultons park

Peppa & George were due to make an appearance but B decided to ignore me & asked to leave Peppa Pig World & head back over to ‘The Lost Kingdom’ & before you ask.. Yes he did cry when he got home & realised he didn’t meet Peppa & George!
On the way we stopped off at the cafe & you walk into the park, being Vegan I decided to go down the safe option of chips but my parents meal wasn’t great which was a little gutting with how expensive the food is.

We were nearing the end of our day when B finally plucked up the courage to go on the big rides! He ended up going on ‘The Flight of the Pterosaur’ 8 times back to back & ‘The Velociraptor’ 2 or 3 times! My mum was having a heart attack knowing he was on them but he absolutely LOVES big rides.

Whilst B was finishing his lack go on ‘The Velociraptor’ the sun came out & it was the most amazing end to our Christmas at Paultons Park!
Christmas At Paultons Park

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