I was always exceptionally lucky when I was younger, my mum always went over & above to give me some of the BEST Birthday Parties! People would always comment about how much fun they’d had & I always absolutely loved them, times have changed & ideas have evolved. I’ve seen some AMAZING parties while searching for Children’s Birthday party ideas so I decided to choose some of my favourites to share with you. They are sure to please your child, wow their friends & make other parents quake in their boots.

Children’s Birthday Party Ideas

A Custom Built Track Party
B regularly attends ‘Track Party’ events & I recently noticed that they also do custom built private track parties! As much as B loves the events I could only imagine what his face would look like if he got one all to himself, oh and of course his friends. See our review from our first ever Track Party experience: http://littlebandme.co.uk/class-review/track-party-review/

There’s 3 tiers of choices for party which increase in price but all of them are of equal ‘EPICNESS’. This is definitely the perfect choice for those of you who have kids who absolutely LOVE trains!
B honestly thinks the track party events are his parties anyway but I would love to organise a Private Track Party one day for him & his friends.

Children's Birthday Party Ideas

Children’s Birthday Party Ideas are hard to come by, Track Party instantly appealed to me due to B’s love of trains!
If trains are something your little one likes then this is the MUST HAVE party for them.

You can contact Track Party via their website: http://trackparty.co.uk

A Party Bus Party!
This seems to have just become a ‘THING’, a bus converted into a moving soft play centre(It won’t be moving with your children on there). I absolutely love this idea & after being on one I can highly recommend them.
Local company ‘Trimbo’s Play Bus’ is absolutely fantastic, well laid out & great fun for kids ages 2 to 10!

Having a birthday party at a soft play centre in the day can be exceptionally stressful, theres so many kids running around & its hard to keep track of where your guests are. With a party bus you don’t have that worry, plus you know your child & guests have got the entire place to themselves!

B has recently been on one of these buses & he loved it so much, it was far less stressful for me than having him at a child’s birthday party at a packed soft play.

You can find Trimbo’s Party Bus here: http://www.trimbosplaybus.co.uk
You can also get a discount on the party with an On The Go Kids Card: http://www.onthegokids.co.uk/listing/trimbos-play-bus-parties-save-20/

Other Buses are available if Trimbo’s don’t cover your area!

A Sublime Science Party
Now I found out about these guys by mistake & I am so glad I happened upon them.
They do fantastic fun parties where the kids actually get to learn too, probably without them even realising that they are learning.

B is slightly too young for this at the moment but if he’s into his science when he’s older then this looks like a fantastic idea for a party!

This party will be sure to please all those who are invited & maybe even make some of the other mums jealous!

You can find more information here: Sublime Science

A Pony Party
One of our local riding schools offers Pony parties! It’s a party I’d never of thought of in a million years.
They get the chance to have a riding lesson & spend time grooming the beautiful horses! I wouldn’t mind doing this as an adult!

For more information head over to: https://www.facebook.com/vickieraybrook/

Get money off of this fabulous party with an On The Go Kids card: http://www.onthegokids.co.uk/listing/pony-party/

Private Hire A Soft Play Centre
I was lucky enough to have this for 2 of my primary school birthday parties & I can tell you there was NOTHING like it!
Having the full run of a soft play to just myself & my friends was one of the coolest things ever.

Most, if not all, soft plays will offer Private out of hours hire. These prices are not for the faint of heart, but I can tell you they were worth it. When I was little I must admit the price was around the £200, prices now are anywhere from £600-£1000.

I don’t know their prices but I can recommend Gambado in Watford as a great venue for a sole hire party venue! They pretty much do everything for you so theres no worry of getting there & getting set up, or a party vendor letting you down.

Record A Song Party
If your child loves singing & performing how about treating them to a ‘recording studio’ party!
Places like Stableyard Music in Hertfordshire offer your singing superstar & their friends a chance to record their very own rendition of some fabulous hits.
This is not only an amazing idea for a party but you’ll also have the amazing memory of the day with a CD of the song they performed. I’d probably cry if B did something like this.

Check them out here if you are interested: http://www.stableyardmusic.co.uk/index.php
Also recieve a fabulous discount if you are a On The Go Kids member!

It seems like Nerf guns are truly back in fashion so why not top off the fun with a Nerf Gun Party!
One of our favourite places to visit, Rye-Assic Park, offer a NERF gun party. Light hearted fun, NERF gun & bullets included.
I was always put off my laser tag when I was younger due to the darkness & challenge element so a NERF gun party seems so much more appropriate, especially for me!

Rye-House also offer laser tag so be sure to check out what they have to offer: http://www.rye-house.co.uk/laser-tag/laser-combat-parties

A Work Out Party
WHAT! STOP THE TRACK… Yeah there are Sports birthday parties, now I was in two minds when I saw that written BUT after watching ‘DNA Kids’ star sports party video I am a convert. I think a sport party is a fabulous idea for a Children’s Birthday Party. 6 sports are chosen from a list then you get to sit back & watch the kids enjoy themselves. The company mentioned just above also provide prizes & certificates which I think are super sweet.

For more information head over to: http://www.dnakids.co.uk/parties/all-star-sports-party.html