I make no secret of the struggle I had during my pregnancy, purely for the reason that I never ever want another woman to go through what I went through. I never want another woman to feel how I did, I want her to know no question is silly & no ‘bad’ feeling should be ignored.
Here are the ‘ 50 Things you wish you were told before you got pregnant’ submitted by some beautiful parent bloggers.

#1 – That I would forever be utterly winging it. I was so occupied with knowing the ‘right’ answers when really there are none. I wish I had just relaxed a bit more and read less boring books!
Sent by Laura from Edinburgh With Kids

#2 – That twins don’t always run in the family….!
Sent by Beth from Twinderelmo

#3 – That things do not go to plan. At all. Expect the unexpected!
Sent by Bek from Dillydrops

#4 – How much wine I would drink! For me motherhood requires vats of the stuff!!
Sent by Natalie from Crummy Mummy

#5 – Just go with the flow
Sent by Lianne from Ankle Biter Adventures

#6 – Trust your instincts, you know your own body and baby best
Sent by Stephanie from Renovation Bay-Bee

#7 – Just how much sleep (or not) you have to survive on!
Sent by Nicola from The Frugal Cottage

#8 – Never let anyone tell you your holding your baby too much. There is no such thing as spoiling a baby.
Sent by Kellie from My Little Babog

#9 – If you are trying your best then nothing else matters, don’t put yourself down so much!
Sent by Natalie from Surviving Life’s Hurdles

#10 – No book, no advice, no course, no words can prepare you for motherhood. Expect the unexpected.
Sent by Afrosa from Mum 2 Sons

#11 – That you know your baby best. Every baby is different. Every parent is different. What suits everyone else may not work for you, it doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong.
Sent by Hayley from Devon Mama

#12 – That you won’t be the parent you expect to be. For me, instinct took over and it was totally not what I expected at all! Everything I thought I wouldn’t do, I did.
Sent by Holly from Little Pickles Mom

#13 – That you will love them so much, and yet they will bring you to your knees daily. They will fill every day with joy, and often tears. That everything you’ve ever done seems insignificant compared to having children. Oh and that you will actually hate people whose babies sleep when yours doesn’t and it can make you think violent thoughts, so don’t make friends with smug people.
Sent by Frances from Whinge Whinge Wine

#14 – That being a mother will be the hardest thing you have ever done but also the most rewarding!
Sent by Lisa from Mummy Gummie

#15 – That you won’t sleep for more than three hours in a row for over a year, and yet somehow you will survive.
Sent by Katie from The Squirmy Popple

#16 – How bad reflux is and to go to a cranial oesteopath as they are geniuses!
Sent by Faye from Glossy Tots

#17 – That it’s when they are teenagers that it gets hard. Everything else is just prepping you for it
Sent by Natasha from Mummy and Moose

#18 – To take some maternity images, you never know when your last pregnancy will be
Sent by Zoe from My Mummy World

#19 – Don’t make plans and that way you won’t be disappointed when it doesn’t work like you had hoped. I wanted a natural birth, I wanted to breastfeed. I ended up with a traumatic section, a long stint in hospital and unable to feed myself. I was so upset it didn’t go “as planned”. Best advice “just go with it and trust your instinct to guide you”
Sent by Laura from The Mamma Fairy

#20 – That you will make mistakes and feel like giving up but that’s ok!
Sent by Becca from Mummy Daddy Mia

#21 – To accept help more readily from friends and family supporting you! Get them doing the washing up or the hoovering, they will be happy to!
Sent by Bethany from A Blonde And A Baby

#22 – That you may never sleep again…. I actually did get told this but always thought it was just an exaggeration. In my case turns out it was spot on!!
Sent by Lucy from Real Mum Review

#23 – That it’s not so much the first 3 months that are the hardest, but the first 3 years. From sleep regressions to tantrums those first few years really are a rollercoaster ride.
Sent by Nadia from Scandi Mummy

#24 – To do things your own way. People will always tell you what to do or how to do something and it’s up to you if you want to take their advice or not.
Sent by Samantha from Bespoke Buckley

#25 – To listen to your own instincts and not to all the conflicting advice that is fired at you as soon as the baby comes home! You will know your baby best and you’ve got this.
Sent by Emma from Emma Reed

#26 – To cherish the weeks and months that they’re not on the move. There’s no rush to get them crawling and walking, you’ll spend the next years of your life trying to get them to stay still!
Sent by Lisa from Bad Mammy

#27 – That you don’t have to follow the herd. If it’s not right for you, don’t do it. If it is then do. Parenthood is not one size fits all.
Oh and the school run is hell on earth.
Sent by Erica from The incidental Parent

#28 – That no matter how many books you read, you’ll never be truly prepared for the absolutely amazing but utterly massive change in your life. And how happy it will make you feel when your children laughs for the first time
Sent by Gareth from That Marketing Punk

#29 – To be gentle on yourself and cut yourself a little slack. Being a mummy is bloody hard!
Sent by Vicki from Tippy Tupps

#30 – I wish I’d been warned about the stench a rotting umbilical cord gives off! Whoever came up with the idea that nothing smells better than newborns was definitely lying!
Sent by Hollie from Thrifty Mum

#31 – Trust your own instincts with your baby. If an advice given to you feels wrong, it just probably doesn’t suit your family.
Sent by Irina from Wave To Mummy

#32 – That the newborn period isn’t actually the hardest. Mobility is!
Sent by Lyndsey from Me him The Dog And A Baby

#33 – That not only a baby comes out but also a placenta – it freaked me out as I had no idea until they gave me an injection to make it come!
Sent by Jada

#34 – That nobody really knows what they’re doing – everyone is winging it, most of the time. And that although most of the time we get it right, we’ll beat ourselves up way too much for the times we don’t.
Sent by Lynn from Glasgow With Kids

#35 – Babies are clingy – and thats okay! But no one told me and I got a big shock that my baby wanted to be constantly cuddles and held!
Sent by Georgina from Georgina Clarke Blog

#36 – I wish someone had told me the truth about breastfeeding and how difficult it can be. I remember at a bf workshop someone asking about winding a bf baby and a midwife stating that bf babies didn’t get wind or colic or reflux unless your latch was wrong. Fast forward to me with a 3 week old baby who clearly had reflux convinced it was my fault when it wasn’t. It might be rarer but bf babies can get those things. Knowing about them wouldn’t have stopped me bf but it would have helped me cope better.
Sent by Suzanne from And Another Ten Things

#37 – Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to get back to normal as soon as possible after the baby. You can make all the plans you want for childcare and work, but you don’t know how you’re going to feel about leaving your baby until they’re actually here. They change everything.
Sent by Elaine from Hackney Mama

#38 – That my life would be forever changed for the better and like a part of you would be ripped out and it’s your job to protect for the rest of your life.
Sent by Phil from Corporate Dad

#39 – There’s definitely more than one thing, but when being a new mum, breastfeeding isn’t such an important thing. You shouldn’t feel wrapped up in guilt and shame if you don’t breastfeed. I couldn’t breastfeed my first boy and I felt ashamed and a complete failure and felt like everyone was judging me.
Now that I have my second boy, who was breastfed, I can see how differently I was being treated, by professionals, the public and family. It was a very dark time with my first, but he is a healthy, strong 8 year old now!
Sent by Neelika from Nelc3

#40 – To really make the most of the first months where they are so portable to get out and take trips – this becomes harder once they are mobile. Also make the most of holidaying in term time before they start school, you might think you know how more expensive non term time holidays are but once you are there you get a big shock!
Sent by Naomi from Nomi Palony

#41 – That no matter how hard a newborn is a toddler is a million times harder so enjoy those immobile days where they can’t scream at you for giving them a red spoon instead of a blue one!
Sent by Kayley from Friendly First Foods

#42 – How much judgement there is once you have children. That no matter which parenting method you choose and how you choose to live your life after children, you’ll be judged. But not to worry about it or try to please other people. No one is right or wrong and we should all support each other instead of judging one another.
Sent by Victoria from Lylia Rose

#43 – That it would take you 3 hours to get ready to leave the house for a 30 minute shopping trip to then have to return home 10 minutes later as they have either been sick or nappy leaked over the 10 changes of clothes you had packed for them.
Sent by Nicola from A Blogs Life

#44 – That you will never have clean clothes on longer than 30 seconds! And it only gets worse the older they get, I constantly have a custard cream hand print on my pants leg….. might even trade mark it.
Sent by Nicola As seen above.

#45 – Not to listen too much to other people’s opinions eg “its your fault she isn’t walking yet…”
Sent by Katie from Kiki And ginge

#46 – That I could have done it alone and doing it alone is better than doing it in a bad relationship
Sent by Ruth from Ellamental Mama

#47 – It’s ok to just sit and cuddle your baby. All day. Sod the hoovering, order takeaway and enjoy those first few weeks.
Sent by Hannah from Hannah Spannah

#48 – That once your waters go they dont just gush and thats it, you feel like you are wetting yourself constantly until you give birth!
Sent by Cheryl from Mummy Of 5 Miracles

#49 – That you shouldn’t sit & struggle with your worries or concerns, that talking to those who look after you is the best thing to do.

#50 – How nasty & unwelcoming other mothers can be. That it will be extremely daunting & off putting going to some baby groups as you’ll be stared down like a hawk stalking a Mouse.

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