Planning your child’s party? Confused on what you should be doing? Need a hand?
Look no further than this blog post! I am going to give you my 5 top tips for planning a child’s Birthday party, I’m not a party planner but I hope these tips help.

#1 Send invites out in plenty of time

So many people go wrong with this, they leave the invites to the last minute. This is a huge no no & should be avoided at all costs. A great idea is to send out a ‘Save The Date’ postcard with the date that you are having the party, this gives people plenty of warning meaning they can keep the date for your party! Once you’ve sent those Save The Dates out you must remember to send the actual invite out with plenty of time to spare also. Make sure you include an R.S.V.P slip or number with a date they need to R.S.V.P by.

#2 Prepare for drop outs, no shows & extras

We’ve all been there, friends saying they are coming to our own birthday parties only to say days or weeks later that they can no longer come due to prior engagements or something along those lines. You must be prepared for this, along with on the day people not showing up or showing up but with friends in tow. Sometimes the extra people who weren’t invited aren’t an issue but with some parties where you pay-per-head it can be a problem. If you have a disco party in a hall for instance, I would personally invite too many people just to make sure the party is a success!

#3 Make plenty of food

Whether you make the party food or order it, make sure theres plenty. There is nothing worse than running out of food & having hungry guests, whats worse is hungry children! We bought B’s birthday buffet from a well known ‘middle class’ LOL supermarket that rhymes with Parks & Denser, we use our money off vouchers to get a percentage off the bill. The food is extremely yummy & you can happily get quite a lot of food for a good price. I highly recommend over ordering slightly so theres no embarrassing moment with hungry guests.

#4 Organise plenty of activities & entertainments

This year we decided to use a local Soft Play Hire company to provide us with soft play for Little B’s second birthday. This was set up & taken down for us so we didn’t have to do ANYTHING! This made his party so much easier to cope with.
I highly recommend looking into local companies who provide activities for parties, thats one less thing you have to bring with you. Make sure you confirm before the big day that they are still coming & that they know where the venue is.
When B is older I am planning on hiring bouncy castles & an entertainer. Make sure you check references before booking with a company.
Be sure to organise plenty of things for the kids to do, you’d be surprised how bored they can get. Remember some of the old favourites though like Pass The Parcel, Duck Duck Goose, Musical Statues & Musical Chairs. They are all either free or very cheap to organise & most importantly FUN!

#5 Make sure you confirm every detail before the big day

I can’t stress enough how important it is to confirm every single detail for the big day. From the venue to the entertainment, make sure everything is present & correct. I did all of this for B’s party & still ended up with issues, the venue decided to tell me that my room was booked by someone else all afternoon. Thankfully this wasn’t true but I very much doubt I will ever use the venue again because of that.
For future Birthday parties I will be confirming everything, I’ll be that super annoying woman who calls 24/7 to check everything is ok !

If all else fails

Why not pay for your child to have their party at a local attraction that offers party packages! My two favourite places 360 Play & Paradise Wildlife Park both offer party packages, I shall use them as examples.
Both offer packages that include play time, food & drink. The only thing therefore you have to concern yourself with are the invites & confirming people are coming.
The kiddies are given plenty to do, so no worrying there for you & a whole array of food to choose from so you really can’t go wrong here.

My parents ALWAYS used to do soft play parties for me, they found it less stressful than organising a whole party in a hall. I always enjoyed them & was always proud to have this type of party. If you fancy doing this type of party for your child choose something that most suits their likes or if their favourite place holds parties then GO FOR IT! Make your child’s day & leave the stress at home!

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