When B was born I struggled for weeks after, I barely slept, barely got to eat before 6pm & generally felt so bad I thought I’d never be able to cope. I didn’t have the people in my life then that I do now, people that would have given me tips for myself after giving birth. This is why I wanted to write this piece, so mums just like me will have more chance of having an ‘easier’ time after giving birth. 25 top tips for mums after giving birth has been written by me & other mummy bloggers who really want to support you at what can be a really trying time.

25 Top Tips For Mums After Giving Birth

#1 Spend money on decent maternity pads so that it’s nice and cushioned everytime you sit down. I love the ones from Boots, they are so thick!
Mummy To Dex

#2 Buy those Tena Lady adult nappies for post partum bleeding. They won’t leak or move about and make you much more comfortable and secure!
Gee Gardner

#3 Soak pads in witch hazel and put them in the freezer for soothing, cooling relief for any stitches or grazes.
Pink Pear Bear

#4 Buy loads of good nipple cream (even if you’re not breastfeeding) and absolutely slather it on. They can be utter agony so make sure you have loads of cream and keep applying it to get through the pain.

#5 Sleep when your baby sleeps. Any amount of sleep is welcome and while 2-3 hours here and there isn’t ideal at least it is some sleep!
Our Bucket List Lives

#6 Relax! No matter what sort of birth you had, you’ll need time to recover. Chores can wait! Put your feet up and say yes to any offers of help!
The Growing Mum

#7 You need breast pads even if you are not planning on breast feeding. With my first I didn’t bother and soon had to send someone out for them to save my clothes from leakages!
Mummy and The Chunks

#8 Nourish yourself, it’s easy to forget to eat and drink properly but I ended up feeling awful because I was skipping meals and eating junk. If people offer to help, ask for a lasagne or a stew or something like that or batch cook before and pop in a microwave tub.
Ready Freddie Go

#9 If you are breastfeeding, try to concentrate on just that for the first few weeks, be as relaxed as possible so you have plenty of oxytocin flowing, do all the night feeds and let your partner rest so that in the day while your partner is off work, he can bring you snacks and drinks and take baby off you once settled so you can sleep too.
Mummy Lauretta

#10 Remember you’re not superwoman! If you have visitors, make them make you a hot drink or a snack, if baby is asleep get your head down for 20 minutes, the housework will still be there, if you are bf you need an extra 500 calories per day, so a cream cake isn’t going to hurt, they only stay small for such a short space of time, so prioritise on you and your little one.
Big Family Organised Chaos

#11 Take a moment to process that you now have a baby and enjoy that cuppa and toast while the midwives sort out the paperwork.
My Family Of Roses

#12 If you have had a c section, take the advice and don’t push yourself. Your body has had a huge operation and you shouldn’t be thinking about the vacuuming! If there is no one to help with cleaning and household chores, just leave it – it’s only a few weeks! Your recovery is far more valuable to you and your family.
The Money Whisperer

#13 In those first weeks it seems impossible to do anything, your hands are constantly full of baby! Invest in a good baby sling and a decent bouncy chair. The sling will help you manage things like getting yourself some lunch or a cuppa, whilst popping the baby in the bouncer and pedalling it with your foot will enable you to eat with both hands (and stop you dropping food on the baby’s head). These things were lifesavers when each of my three were tiny weeny.
The Mum Conundrum

#14 Remember the old adage it takes a village – don’t try and do everything yourself if people offer to help let them.
The Happy Mummy

#15 If you have had a c-section, make sure you take gripe water afterwards, trapped wind can be extremely painful.

#16 Do what is best for you and what fits for you. Every baby is different and will cry, sleep and wake on their time. Also don’t be pressured into doing something just because a friend or professional is guiding you. It hurt to breastfed for me so I stopped and they sent support people around I didn’t want. Do what is right for you and baby and take time to relax. Housework isn’t all that important your not living in a show home.
Yorkshire Mum of 4

#17 I’d suggest having at least one day once you’re back home, where you have absolutely no visitors scheduled in, you and your partner or hubby can stay in your PJ’s eat comfort food, relax and get to know your new arrival, have lots of cuddles and quality time, not worry about housework or tidying up and just enjoy your little family. I did this with both of mine and it was just what we needed. It’s easy to become a bit overwhelmed by everything otherwise.
Dusky Pink Diaries

#18 I would suggest looking into co-sleeping cots specially if you are breastfeeding, I found them so convenient.
Curious and Geeks

#19 If bottle feeding buy a ‘perfect prep machine’ it will make your life easier!

#20 Don’t be afraid to ask for support & don’t be afraid to voice your concerns. Be it with a doctor, midwife or friend.

#21 Spray water over your lady bits when you go for a wee if you’ve given birth vaginally, especially the first wee of the day. It helps with the stinging! Being hydrated also helps.

#22 Don’t be afraid to try new things, if something doesn’t work for you then try something else. Feeding, bathing & bed routines etc.

#23 Don’t feel pressure to be happy & ‘made up’ all the time. If you are feeling down be open & definitely don’t feel the need to pop on a full face of make-up.

#24 Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are YOU, don’t worry if the next door neighbours baby sleeps all night. All babies are different & parenting isn’t a competition!

#25 Make sure you have plenty of underwear & clothing cleaned, ready to be worn. My son pooped over & sick on so many of my clothes in the first few weeks.

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