I’ve been single for a long time now & I’ve noticed the only thing men can come up with for date ideas is dinner, if I’m lucky they try & mix it up with a movie! Come on people lets push the boat out, try something new!
Here are my 15 alternative date ideas, hopefully you’ll impress & pick up that person you’ve been after.


#1 The Zoo
This is one of my personal favourite date ideas, one that I actually haven’t been taken on yet.
Nothing beats a sweet trip to the zoo to visit the beautiful animals they have, due to the amount of stuff on offer there is less likely to be any awkward silences. This will be due to the fact you’ll either be engrossed in looking at the animals or indeed too busy talking about the animals you’re looking at to worry about awkward silences.
Intimacy: 1/5 Originality: 2/5

If you’ve got the spare money & you’re really out to impress how about adding an experience on to your zoo trip!
Visiting the Zoo is cool enough but imagine telling you’re date that they’ll also get to ‘shadow a keeper’ for the day or ‘feed the big cats’. I would be so impressed that I’d probably cry with excitement.
My favourite Wildlife Park, Paradise Wildlife Park, does these types of experiences & I regularly see couples doing them. It looks like a fantastic way to bond & a really exciting date idea.
Intimacy: 1/5 Originality: 5/5

#2 The Gaming Arcade
This date idea isn’t for everyone so you’ve really got to gauge your date correctly. This will be easy if its not the first date but may be a tiny bit difficult if its a first date.
I personally love the idea of going to an arcade for a date BUT I am a gamer & a huge fan of silly arcade games.
This is a great place where you can interact with one another, either by playing against one another or aiding the other with a game they’ve never played before.
I regularly see people having dates at the arcade & I think its a really cute idea.
Intimacy: 1/5 Originality: 2/5

#3 Clay Pigeon Shooting
This is a high ranker on the originality scale, clay pigeon shooting is great fun but definitely something you need to see if your date is comfortable with. Handling a gun isn’t easy & it may be a bit daunting to some people, so keep that in mind.
Intimacy: 1/5 Originality: 3/5

#4 SeasideThis is one of my favourite ideas for a date. I personally feel you really can’t beat the seaside, for dates or for a general visit.
The seaside can be romantic, fun, relaxing & a giggle depending on what you do whilst you’re there. How about a trip to the arcade? A paddle in the sea? An ice cream with your feet in the sand? Or maybe fish & chips on the pier!
The possibilities at the seaside are actually quite endless, sadly I think people have forgotten about the fun of visiting the seasides in the UK & even worse people refuse to do staycations.
Boost the UK’s economy whilst having a fabulous time at one of the fantastic UK seasides.
Intimacy: 4/5 Originality: 2/5

#5 Green Laning
If you aren’t aware of green laning, its just another word for ‘off roading’. I can’t wait to try this out ‘professionally’ be it on a date or not.
Make sure your date has the correct driving license for this activity & of course that its their ‘kind of thing’, some people find driving a chore! This is a great idea for a date as it’s unlikely that they will have ever done it before.
Whilst its not particularly intimate it can be considered a good laugh & a fab activity to pop into a day long date.
Intimacy: 1/5 Originality: 4/5

#6 Chocolate Making/ Cooking lesson
Im envisioning this activity being more like that film ghost, but better because it involves food & not clay!
I find this idea for a date exciting! I can cook a few basic dishes but would love to learn how to cook different things, what better than a date where you can have a giggle, a bit of intimacy all the while learning how to cook. OKAY, so it won’t be everyones idea of a perfect date but you know what its certainly different.
Its a fabulous idea for a first date as there is unlikely to be any awkward silences as you will either have the food to talk about or be busy making something.
Intimacy: 2/5 Originality: 2/5

#7 Hot Air Balloon Ride
This is an idea for the thrill seekers, its an idea I continually fall in & out of love with. I am so in the mood to try this next summer but we shall see.
As long as your date isn’t scared of heights, I’d push for this as a first date. It would be AMAZING.
A fabulous idea for a date due to its awesomeness, excitement factor, potential for intimacy especially if the other person needs a bit of comforting & of course the amazing views.
Intimacy: 4/5 Originality: 5/5

#8 Couples Massage/Spa Day
This one really isn’t my cup of tea but it would suit 99.9% of the general public. I’m not a fan of strangers touching me so this is completely out of my comfort zone, however I am fully aware this would be a dream date for most.
A great way to relax with no need to worry about awkward silences as you’ll probably be well away with your massage or treatment. I don’t think this is a good idea for a first date but a few dates in I think this would work brilliantly, when you’re at the point when you don’t need to constantly talk & are generally comfortable in each others presence.
Intimacy: 2/5 Originality: 2/5

#9 Go Ape
Another great choice for you thrill seekers out there, Go Ape is a great idea for an adventurous date. Be sure to only do this if its your dates kind of thing & make sure they aren’t afraid of heights. Theres the potential for some encouragement with this date & everyone loves a bit of positive helpful words, especially if they make us feel like the other person is interested in helping us.
This date is a fabulous idea if you want to have fun giggle filled workout date!
Intimacy: 0.5/5 Originality: 3/5

#10 Afternoon Tea
Love tea, sandwiches & cake? Stuck for an idea for a date? Why not try an afternoon tea! These are, more often than not, exceptionally well priced. You can really please the majority of women with a good slice of cake & a fed woman is a happy woman, I think the same applies to men too.
This is the ideal date if you’re just getting to know one another as you can have a good old chat as you eat & its perfect if you’ve been dating a while. Its a perfect intimate & relaxing date, one I’d love to be taken on.
Intimacy: 3/5 Originality: 2/5

#11 A Ride On The London Eye
I’ve seen numerous people do this as a date & I have to say I am so envious.
The thought of going on the London Eye on a nice clear day, viewing London from an angle you’ve never seen it from before sounds like music to my ears. Mix that with the potential intimacy it sounds like a fabulous date.
The wheel goes slow enough to make it a nice long romantic, relaxing journey.
Intimacy: 3/5 Originality: 3/5

#12 Harry Potter Tour
I’ve yet to visit but continually see people raving about the Harry Potter tour! At around £34 per person its not exactly cheap but if you’re film fans &/or Harry Potter fans then its well worth the money.
This is a great idea for a date if you struggle for things to talk about, theres so much around that you couldn’t possibly be stuck for words. This is quite a fun & exciting activity for a date, I’d be extremely impressed if a man booked this as a date!
Intimacy: 1/5 Originality: 3/5

#13 See A Show
Whether its a Musical, Opera, Pantomime or Comedy, a show may be the perfect date for you! Theres no need to worry about constant talking & even when theres a interval or when the show finishes you’ll have plenty to talk about because you’ve just watched a show.
This can pretty much suit anybody its just about getting the choice right.
Intimacy: 1/5 Originality: 2/5

#14 A Countryside Walk
This comes high on my list of great date ideas, I love walking anyway but to have somewhere there that I want to be with makes it even better. Its a great date for talking, having a giggle & some peaceful alone time. Oh of course you get some exercise whilst you’re at it. You could even make the date longer, if of course you take a walk in the summer, by having a picnic along the way. Now that would make it an even more romantic perfect date!!
Intimacy: 4/5 Originality: 2/5

#15 Mini Golf/Top Golf
I’m a huge fan of Mini golf so I’m probably overly biased to this one but I personally think its a fantastic idea for a date.
A friendly bit of competition, a little bit of micky taking, oh and of course a mix of some romantic ‘help’. Sorry, by help I mean a nice cuddle from behind to line up a shot!
This is a hugely fun idea for a date, silly fun & you can’t get better than that.
Intimacy: 1/5 Originality: 3/5

I hope some of my ideas guide you into the correct choice of date, I hope it also bags you the man or woman of your dreams

Me x