Its coming up to that time of year again when people are thinking of their new years resolutions. Its always something like ‘I’ve got to lose weight’ or ‘I will stop drinking’. This post is to get you to have a real thing about the positive things you should do in 2017. Some may cost you your time & some could cost you a small amount of money but to see it benefit another human being is AMAZING.
So here it is, here is my list of ’10 Positive Things You Should Do In 2017′

#1 Encourage everyone
I am continuously seeing people putting others down about the goals they wish to achieve, forever commenting on how they can’t possibly reach them instead of helping & encouraging them to succeed. When I was younger I desperately wanted to be a model, I was laughed at & continuously told I couldn’t. I managed it eventually but not to the level I wanted to but I easily could have not bothered after the reaction I got from people, especially from those who were supposed to be my friends.

Enough of that though, you need to encourage your friends & fellow humans alike. Treat everyone the same, if they come to you & tell you their goals, tell them how they could achieve them or wish them good luck. A little help or even a kind word can really go a long way. Be positive, if you give out advise make sure its not riddled with negatives!
Let me just say the positivity I’m being shown on this blog is helping me no end, its really warmed my heart & made me want to try my best.
Your encouragement will really make a difference.

#2 Giveaway Your Old Unwanted Items, DONATE Don’t Discard
This has always been something close to my heart & it actually shocked me when I heard that people threw away perfectly good clothing & toys. From a young age I would always get items from the charity shop & also clear out my stuff routinely to give back. I actually found this fun & would ask to do it all the time!
I am now instilling in B that he has to do similar, I also want to make him aware that there is nothing wrong with second hand toys or books.

If you have items that are in good condition don’t throw them away, simply bag them up & give them to a local charity shop or shelter. Just because you don’t want them anymore doesn’t mean another person can’t benefit from them.
So make sure you remember to ” DONATE, don’t discard!”

#3 SMILE!!
This is such a simple one, I will warn you though… You may get looked at as if you are a bit crazy but DO IT.
Smile at someone who looks like they need a friendly smile, heck, smile at everyone (without being creepy).
I’ve had days where I’m close to crying due to frustration, having someone smile at me has made me feel better. That kind smile when people see B having a tantrum, that makes my day. A smile like that makes me realise I’m not alone, that I can do this & that people are behind me, even strangers.

Please if you can’t spare anything other than a smile, please just do it. You really could be making somebodies day.

#4 Spend Time Talking To Someone Homeless Or Lonely
We are so quick to ignore the homeless or shoo off a lonely elderly person, never thinking that they just want one simple conversation. JUST so they feel human & so they can feel like someone in this world cars about them.

Recently an older lady stopped me & my son, I immediately wondered what was wrong, was she going to moan about B crying?
No! She came over to tell me how beautiful B was & how I should be proud of how gorgeous he is. She continued on to tell me about her grandchildren & that sadly she lost her husband, at that exact moment I realised she was desperately lonely. I had to go soon after as B started to have a freak out but to know I gave her some human interaction for that day did make me exceptionally happy. I watched her as she walked off, desperately smiling & trying to interact with families.

Please if someone approaches you just give them a few minutes of your time, it may be the only interaction they’ve had all day or maybe even longer.

#5 Volunteer
I regularly hear Charities saying that although receiving money is lovely, they really could do with more volunteers.
I’ve fostered for Cats Protection for over 5 years now, our help is always appreciated & I love caring for the cats.
Prior to this I’ve done everything from Newsletter envelope filling to selling tickets at the door on a Christmas Fayre, I always enjoy it & it makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside.

I know we can’t all spare the same amount of time BUT if you can please think about volunteering. It can be anything from fostering to marshalling a Charity fun run!

#6 Donate To A Food Bank
I only started doing this last week, I went through all my cupboards & loaded up all the long life food items I had to spare & loaded them in a bad, along with some naughty chocolate treats. I popped the bag into Tesco’s food bank & felt a huge ping of happiness at the thought of helping someone with the food I had spare.
I highly recommend doing this, it doesn’t need to cost anything & even if you do buy bits it doesn’t need to cost you loads. Check out your local supermarkets & see if they have a food bank box, if they do & you can spare any food then please give.
Even one pack of pasta & some tinned fruit & veg could really help.

#7 Think Twice Before Reacting
Now this has been something I’ve come to realise this year from a few incidents, sometimes its better to just leave than react & do something you’ll regret. Its so easy to snap but it can go wrong so easily, sometimes in your favour & other times not.
This day & age people don’t fight one on one or with their fists anymore, they play dirty & will literally stab you in the back for a passing comment.
I find this so easy to stick with but I know its something I need to do, I need to take a breather before I scream at someone or get my daily road rage attack.

Its so not worth the agro or worse the pain!

#8 Appreciate Everything You Have
We all do it, we wake up & turn on the light & expect it to turn on. We jump in the shower & expect it to be hot. When its not there we complain, we get angry & we want to know why on earth its not working!
I’ve recently realised that not everyone has that luxury, they may be homeless or they may be in a position where they can’t afford to have a hot shower of a morning.

Its made me realise that I really need to appreciate every little thing, as those little things are what some people dream of. I’ve been trying my best to really appreciate the lights I can turn on & the water I can get from my fridge.

#9 Be Less Judgemental
This one is really easy, its just most people choose not to listen. From a very young age I was judged, I’d get horrible comments from much older women & it made me get extremely defensive.
I was bought up being judged for the way I looked & the way I dressed, sadly it made me a very bitter judgemental person for many a year. I’d say some horrible things about people & automatically judge someone for what they had or more likely what they didn’t have.
To this day I am still feeling judgement regularly from other women & it disgusts me, it disgusts me that we don’t empower each other, that in turn some decide to judge & take the mickey out of their fellow women!

Take time to breathe before you judge someone, should you really judge them for their religious beliefs or their short skirt? NO! You judge them by the way they act towards you & the things they do! Give people a chance, they may just surprise you.

#10 Be Positive
This is a hard one, it is so easy to get bogged down with negativity both from ourselves & outsiders. I’ve recently learnt that I shouldn’t let peoples negative comments towards me alter how positive I feel about my life.
I feel much better about myself now that I ignore the negativity thrown towards me, instead I centre on the helpful advice & positivity.

You must give out positivity though, you can’t just expect it from everyone & not give it yourself. Its hard to always be positive & give nice comments out but really.. Do you truthfully gain anything from being negative towards someone? NO, you make them feel bad just to make you feel better for a few minutes.

Please take at least one of my options & stick to it for 2017, I promise it will do you & those around you the world of good.

Love, Me