You’ve probably heard the saying what’s the price of fame, well times have changed & we can find fame while in bed at home.
You used to have to be a singer, movie star or successful athlete to be famous but with the rise of social media you can now be famous just for posting pictures of videos online. Just what is the price of this fame though, the act price on our bank accounts NOT our sanity.

Going Broke For Instagram | What Is The Price Of Being An Influencer

You may have heard about the American ex-rapper who will remain nameless on this post. He posted images of a private jet & a caption along the lines of ‘heading to NY today. Lets go’ well people saw that post & then a few people noticed him on flying standard class on a commercial aircraft. This blew up over social media & people claimed he was faking his life, this wasn’t the first time he had been found to be stretching the truth about his fame & potential wealth.

Why did this person feel the need to post on social media about being on private jet anyway? It was untrue of course but even if it was true why do we feel the need to flaunt the things we have?
Sadly on Instagram especially, wealth sells. People are interested in looking at people with things they don’t have but dream to have. People experiencing things that are their wildest dreams. The most successful influencers post continuously of their cars, houses & brand new purchases from ‘Selfridges’. How real are all these items, how real are all the experiences?

If you don’t believe people are going broke for Instagram then I just wish I could live in the positive world that you do.
Items cost money, experiences cost money, there is only so much you can be ‘gifted’ for being an influencer, thats even before you’ve gained ‘influencer’ status. Let’s just say influencers have at the very least 20,000 followers & ideally 100,000+, some of these followers are BOUGHT (something I will go into in another blog post) the others are gained through posting this ‘dream’ life. How is this dream life financed though? Is it through freebies, wages or borrowed money?

Now please don’t get me wrong I absolutely love having a flick through Instagram seeing people who have no cares in the world, buying stuff constantly & never having to worry about the bill. I’m not putting these people down for sharing what they share, I love the content! My worry comes in regards to copycats or people who are of influencer status without the money behind them that they portray.

To keep up our image of a high flying influencer we need a constant stream of money to keep people interested, for everyone that isn’t always possible. Even a lottery win can only last so long when you are raiding it daily for £1,000 handbags & £40,000 cars. Where would one turn to when that money no longer exists but the call for the ‘image’ is so strong.
We borrow!

Numerous influencers have been found out to be falsifying their wealth either through using friends houses, parents cars or through loans, just as a few examples. I don’t blame them in the slightest, they are chasing the money they feel it gained from being an influencer all the while spending so much trying to get there.
I don’t feel its particularly ‘wrong’ as such to flaunt someones wealth but to lie and say it’s yours causes a huge knock on effect on others around.

Whether we like to admit it or not people are spending money they don’t have in the hopes of becoming famous. In the press we have been shown stories of people who have amassed debt & gone on to commit suicide, not as far as I’m aware none of these have been linked to social media however I can’t help but think it won’t be long before it gets ‘too much’ for someone. Either through the struggle of going broke or the struggle of not gaining this much wanted ‘fame’.

Whilst I do enjoy following these influencers the thought that their lifestyle could affect someone so negatively does scare me, I don’t by any stretch want people to hide their wealth or property quite the opposite. I just wish everyone was more honest. If people didn’t hide behind a false façade then I think there would be a lot less issues surrounding being an influencer.

Is it worth going ‘broke’ to achieve influencer status?
Do you know someone who has given up everything in the hopes of being recognised?