We’re going on a bear hunt….. We’re going to catch a big one… What a beautiful dayyyyyy, WE’RE NOT SCARED!
These words should sound familiar to every parent, they are the main words of the story ‘ We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’, one of B’s favourite books. After hearing from nursery how much B liked the theatre I decided to see what was on over the school holidays. I didn’t find anything but noticed an Instagram influencer had posted about being at a show in London & that was when I found out that there was a stage show of ‘ We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’.

Our Six Weeks Holiday Experiences – We’re Going On A Bear Hunt West End Show

I decided to show B the video promo before I booked our tickets, purely through the panic of him not actually wanting to see it. He absolutely jumped at the chance & I happily booked them. I chose to have the tickets delivered to the house & I’m super glad about that as the queue to collect them was a little too long for my liking.

I had a look at the trains & decided what train suited our showing. B absolutely loved travelling on the train mainly because the staff gave him really cool hand drawn ‘train tickets’ oddly I was charged this time & he was given a proper one. I can only assume they thought my beautiful boy was over 5! Ho hum!
Due to restrictions on our tickets we had to travel on the 9:24 SLOW train & boy was it slow! It ended up being a little too slow & causing us to be a smidge later than I wanted to be. We had a good giggle on the station platform & on the train.
These school holidays have given me a bit of confidence with my selfie pictures so felt happy to take pictures with B! They are selfies but hey! We have to start somewhere, oh & of course B wanted to do a boomerang or two.

we're Going On A Bear Hunt

I see now why people hate using public transport, we were very nearly late due to our train having to stop for signal issues. Onwards & upwards when we got to Finsbury Park we were ‘okay’ for time but taking a 4 year old down spiral steps ISN’T fun!
He decided to use the hand rails & ended up with ‘soot’ covered hands & guess which genius didn’t have baby wipes?! ME!!!
The rest of our journey went well & we got to Leicester Square without a hitch, I would highly recommend looking at your journey wherever you go beforehand. I decided to use my phone which everyone continually tries to convince me is the BEST form of ‘Sally Satnav’ & it sent me in completely the wrong direction. Thankfully a delivery driver saw we were looking a bit confused & found someone who could give us directions, we made it to the Lyric Theatre with around 15 minutes to spare.

The staff at the theatre were lovely & the bag checking security guard was GORGEOUS, sorry single mum syndrome getting out there!
I had booked seats D15 & D16, 4 rows from the front & we had a fantastic view. I must say the direct website we got the tickets from showed us a mock up if how the stage would look from our seats & I found that amazing! Its always hard to tell from the above shots what your view may be like but I am exceptionally glad I chose the slightly more expensive tickets for a better & closer view. Our tickets were £24.50 each, however there are a range of different prices dependent on where you choose to sit.
I decided to grab B a programme & bear ears. The Bear ears were £4 & the programme was £1.50, it is a very basic programme but I wanted something for B to keep.

we're Going On A Bear Hunt

*Please note there is NO photography flash or otherwise allowed at the theatre*
I have no images of the show but you can view a trailer for it online & I will leave the link at the end of the post. B absolutely loves the ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ book, I mean he wants it day after day so he is somewhat of a connoisseur!
The atmosphere was really good considering the place was filled with lots of potentially noisy children but they were far too engrossed to be messing around or shouting.
B was able to work out who was supposed to be who but my embarrassing moment came when he announced RATHER loudly & proudly…. ‘ errr that baby is just made of wooden! ‘ que me hurriedly shushing him & smiling at the surrounding parents.
The actors were FANTASTIC, I really thought they played their parts well. The dad was also a little dishy!

The show was great, a good mix of silly fun which stayed pretty true to the book. I loved their use of props for each different obstacle that is put in their path.. LONG WAVY GRASS, DEEP COLD RIVER, SWIRLING WHIRLING SNOWSTORM.
The river part had me in stitches, lets just say there is use of WATER PISTOLS! Now being 4 rows from the front we got pretty drenched, not uncomfortably so but wet enough to ‘show’. There is no warning of this so if your child is weary or afraid of water then best bet is to book further back or higher up. It’s all in good fun though & nothing is meant viciously.

The shows use of music really interested me too. The male actor who played the dog also did all the music & sound effects for the show, these were all done live & there was NO recordings which I thought was absolutely fabulous. His sound effects worked wonders with the bits going on.
He also had one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard.
The use of song wasn’t too much in this show, I’ve seen theatre shows on TV where I’ve had to turn off because they are just so forced full of songs, singing & random bits of music.
This show does well to get the balance right.

B was open mouthed nearly the whole time, he even joined in when you had to shout & help out the characters, it was such a lovely sight to see! He did get a little confused as he assumed it would directly be like the book but it was exceptionally close. If it ran like the book it would be over in 5 minutes but you can’t explain that to a 4 year old.
It was so lovely to see him enjoying it & he especially liked the bear at the end, which may I add was rather larger than I was expecting. I did look over and see some kid had pulled out a full sized adult towel & was hiding underneath it.
I don’t feel it was scary but did notice some kids were a bit nervous on the lead up to the bear coming out.

I’m so pleased I booked the tickets, I was a little apprehensive due to it being in London & having to travel with B can be hard. It was so worth it though.
Once the show had finished we headed off to the Lego shop, B doesn’t understand large numbers yet & asked for this big Harry Potter thing, glancing down I noticed it was £160!!!! I quickly got him out of the shop as I knew he would kick up a fuss had he noticed anything he really wanted. I don’t allow B to have Mc Donald’s much but as a treat he had one & we sat together outside while he munched his way through his ‘french fries’ & of course left the chicken nuggets haha.

We had a truly lovely day & would recommend ‘ We’re Going On A Bear Hunt ‘ to anyone!
Its on until September so GET BOOKING.