I am always looking to find new places to take B & I stumbled upon Rye-Assic Adventure Park whilst on the search. Rye-Assic Park, based is Hoddesdon looked exactly what we were after. The mention of crazy golf & bowling meant we immediately decided to head over at the next possible chance we had.

Friday came & we headed over, B was so excited as we’d told him that they had ‘mini golf/crazy golf'(depending what mood he’s in), soft play & bowling. That was it, he was screaming to go & made sure we knew that mini golf was top of the agenda.
It took us around 20 minutes from Welwyn Garden City & it was extremely easy to find with the help of my ‘Sally Satnav’.
There was plenty of spaces so we got parked easily, I can however imagine on school holidays & weekends that parking may be an issue.

Embarrassingly despite a huge sign directing us where to go we ended up at the wrong place & walked back over to the correct entrance. Yeah, apparently the huge sign that said ‘Rye-Assic Adventure Park’ wasn’t a big enough clue for us.
B had already seen the mini golf from the carpark so was screaming to go over there, firstly, however we needed to head over into the soft play to pay for entry & for our golf game!
Entry to this place is SO WELL priced at just £3.95 on a weekday you just CANNOT go wrong! In the end we paid around £7 for 2 people to play golf & entry for B.

The staff were extremely polite & very talkative, we were told about what was available today & what was closed due to weather issues. I was so excited to trial the whole place but B was intent on going golfing!

rye-assic adventure park
B’s eyes lit up with glee, mini golf is currently his favourite thing to do & he sure liked the look or Rye-assic adventure parks effort!
He played the whole game, cheating along the way. I was allowed to play 2 holes then my rights for second player were stripped from me & I was chief watcher!
The holes are interesting & quite the challenge, I can only imagine it being 10 times more fun when the weather warms up a bit. Me being me forgot gloves so my hands went bright red & freezing cold.
Once we finished our round of golf we had to explain to B why the ball didn’t come back out, he didn’t understand & threw a bit of a tantrum so we carried him back to the warmth.

It was time for a well deserved game or two of bowling. Rye-assic adventure park has an amazing two lane bowling alley. This was absolutely perfect for B as it had smaller balls & there was no one else around playing to distract him. At just £2 per game per person you really cannot moan. We absolutely loved it, B honestly couldn’t have been any happier than when he was playing, even when he completely missed all the pins! You can hire this alley out for yourselves for an hour & if you love bowling then I highly recommend it.
As you can tell form the below image, B loved to celebrate his ‘wins’
rye-assic adventure park

Inside the same building as the bowling alley is a fabulous little soft play area, I’d say it was great for ages 3 months to around 4 or 5 years old. That is where we decided would be our next stop. Me & B absolutely loved the big slide & I even braved the smaller part of soft play. Actually what am I saying, he forced me in there! The smaller part is a tight fit for any parent so please be warned you’ll be squeezing yourself around.
rye-assic adventure park
We had fun in here but B was getting a little fed up so we were forced by him to get our shoes back on to do something else haha!

As you may know from our YouTube videos B is an absolute arcade addict, he noticed that there were a few arcade style games so he had to play basket ball & the ‘whack-a-mole’ style game. Both of these were played numerous times throughout the day!
He still mentions them now.

Once we were able to tear him away from the arcade games we decided to go on the little quad style bikes that were outside!
These were £1 for one ride, which seemed to last around 3-5 minutes. I absolutely loved these, I had to ride on the back with B as he can’t currently control them. They were comfy, easy to drive & SO much fun.
I could have easily stayed on these ALL DAY!
B absolutely loved them also, he tends to get scared on things like this but he found them absolutely hilarious.
rye-assic adventure park

To finish up our trip to Rye-Assic Adventure Park we decided to head over to their outside play frame.
B was too tired at this point to truly experience the whole thing but he was amazing & did have a little explore, he was very brave & I was so proud.
This are is absolutely fantastic, I can’t wait for the better whether so he can truly experience the slides, swings and see-saw!
rye-assic adventure park

Why Do We Recommend Rye-Assic Adventure Park?

•Its exceptionally cheap, we would have paid just £3.95 for B to go in had we not paid for golfing & bowling!
•Theres so much added extra bits & bobs you can do, trampolines for instance & their fabulous bouncy slide.
•The staff are LOVELY, very personable & helpful.
•Its small enough to keep a good eye on your children.
•Theres plenty there to keep them entertained.

Check out our fantastic video of our day at Rye-Assic Adventure Park below:

If you want to head over, find more information on the Rye-Assic Adventure Park website.