If you follow our blog you’ll know that as well as being huge fans of Paradise Wildlife Park we are also long time members of the place too. I’d planned to head to there before the weather changed but as I’d organised something special to do whilst we were there I had to go regardless of the weather. We ended up with a exceptionally rainy experience!

Our Six Weeks Holiday Experiences – Rainy Morning At Paradise Wildlife Park

We arrived & headed straight into the soft play, its indoors, warm & on a day like the one we had… DRY!! I knew it would get busier as the day progressed so pushed B into going in earlier so he could enjoy it without it being absolutely rammed with kids.
We only discovered the soft play around 2 years ago & B still loves it, he happily runs around & really likes to explore the place. He didn’t want to stay in there too long before he decided that now was the PERFECT time to head to do a round of mini golf!
As members we get this for FREE but there is now a 50p refundable charge for balls ( I thought I’d mention as I rarely carry cash! )

I didn’t get let off this time & B forced me to participate in the game too, I’m so bad at it that I absolutely hate joining in. It is an 18 hole mini golf course which is fabulous to play on, better when its dry & warm of course.
We did have a good giggle while playing, until B catapulted his ball into the hedge & I had to go in upto my shoulders to get it back, he actually started crying when I told him it looked like he’d lost it. As he’d chosen an orange ball it was relatively easy to find once I’d brushed the fallen leaves away. None of the holes are particular hard bar the loop-de-loop one & thats one that nearly causes tears in this family, this time round though B managed it & was exceptionally proud of himself.
B even managed one GENUINE hole-in-one on this round go mini golf. Mummy on the other hand was jeered at by B & then told how pants she was, kids can be so kind can’t they.
Playing properly with two or more players this course could easily take you around 30 minutes, especially if other people are playing at the same time.

Paradise Wildlife Park

Once we had finished our round of golf we decided to head to see the dinosaurs! Paradise Wildlife Park unveiled their fantastic ‘World Of Dinosaurs’ this year & we were lucky enough to go to the grand opening event.
This was only the second time we’ve visited since & B wanted a quick look around, he has now developed a real sense of fear & was absolutely struck with fear that all of the dinosaurs were going to squirt him with water. Even though he knows its only the one right at the end that sprays water. I got a very quick look at the animatronic dinosaurs & B wouldn’t take a picture in the jeep so this time, mummy had to go without her picture of B!
If your child or children love Dinosaurs then be sure to bring them here! B, of course, managed to con me into treating him to a present from the dinosaur shop. Sadly the toys he wanted to collect are now not stocked so he settled for a dinosaur in slime & a book!

Paradise Wildlife Park

I managed to get B to go on the train next, which is again FREE to members. This used to be unlimited but now its limited to one free ride per visit! It was too wet to be on it really but we did have a really good journey around & as ever B was loving the tunnel, little things please little people hey.

By this point B was really fed up with the rain as he was desperate to head onto the playground equipment but it was raining & clearly everything was utterly soaked. We had a little wait before we could do our little treat & I managed to get him to stay for longer by taking him back into the soft play place, which by now was rambo. I managed to keep him happy in there & before I knew it it was time to head off for the little surprise I’d organised.

We we’re going to meet the Lorikeets!!!! B was really unsure at the beginning but after a while he really warmed up to the idea & enjoyed himself. If you get the chance to do this please do, it was a FANTASTIC experience & I loved it.
B managed to get off scott free but mummy ended up with a few Lorikeets on her head! It actually felt really nice like they were giving my hair & forehead a little massage!
Both me & B really enjoyed the time in with the Lorikeets & I’m hoping to go back & do it again with better lighting so I can get some great pictures haha, how vain is that. Of course though I mainly want to head back because it was such a brilliant experience.

Paradise Wildlife Park

We headed home shortly after & then the torrential rain started! I was so glad we went even if it was just for the morning, another magical day full of memories made.

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