It’s always nice to take your child to somewhere you enjoyed as a child & Standalone Farm was one of the places my parents took me to when I was younger. It seemed a fabulous place to take B this summer holiday, so we headed off to experience somewhere ‘new’ together.

Our Six Weeks Holiday Experiences – Standalone Farm

We arrived around 11am, the main carpark was already full so we had to use the overflow carpark. I do recommend getting here for opening, not for parking but so you can fully enjoy the place before it fills up.
Entry was £7 for myself & £5.50 for B I cant complain at that, I think its fairly priced.

B wanted to head straight to the wooden play area & had an absolutely fantastic time, he spent the time flitting between the climbing frame & assault course. Although the main carpark was busy & the overflow was filling up the place didn’t feel too busy. The busiest part is the area where the playground is due to it mainly being a grassy area perfect for picnics!
B really enjoyed experimenting on the assault course & it was nice to see all the children taking turns on all of the equipment. In the same area is a coin operated mini railway that you can watch, its been there since FOREVER. Its still a firm favourite with all the children though.

standalone farm
standalone farm

We decided to head down to to the ever popular ride on tractors, which for a change was completely empty. Even though B can pedal a bike he finds it really difficult to pedal any ride on toy! So he chose one of the bubba ones.
He loved it but tired of it quite quickly. The space is limiting & clearly didn’t suit him on this day haha!

standalone farm

Now let me now mention that B is NOT interested in farm animals, there are plenty here but B just wasn’t interested.
All are in good condition & appear happy & content. So from this you’ll find out that there is PLENTY to do here that doesn’t involve animals.

I noticed on facebook that one of my friends had been & her little ones had gone on these super cool ride on electric tractors. When I saw them it was the main thing that made me want to bring B back!
These tractors are £1 a go but so worth it, B was in his element. He felt very grown up & loved his two trips around.
Now some people don’t like paying for bits once you’ve already paid to get in & in some cases I agree but for this I have NO issue paying at all.

standalone farm

We ended up grabbing a ice lolly from the gift shop & heading back to the park for a while.
B really did enjoy the park & even got so confident as to tell me he didn’t need my help on the assault course.

For £12.50 we had a really nice few hours, I would thoroughly recommend this place if your children like animals. It was a short stay for us due to B not being interested in the animals on offer. However you could easily make a day of it if you have children that love to play & look at animals.
We didn’t go on the tractor ride, an actual tractor trip around the farm but that is subject to the weather.
Remember in the good weather to BRING A PICNIC, it is SUCH a fantastic place to have a picnic.