Not everything in the summer holidays has to cost you any money, these activities are few & far between but they are to be appreciated & enjoyed. My parents regularly head to Aylett Nurseries in St.Albans & they told me that there was a children’s event on & a butterfly room to enjoy.

Our Six Weeks Holiday Experiences – Aylett Nurseries

We headed there on a few cool & wet Wednesday morning, B was itching to get inside & do the current children’s activity that was on, which was a treasure hunt. Please note this activity has now finished but the butterfly enclosure is still open.

I completely missed the activity table & ended up taking B straight to the butterfly enclosure. I’ve never been in a butterfly house & sadly our local butterfly place closed down a few years back! Outside of the enclosure is a check list that you can pick up, this check list gives you a list of butterflies to find in the enclosure. Please also be aware that not all of the butterflies may be in the enclosure at the time you visit.
B didn’t want to stay in the enclosure long & I honestly worried that he wasn’t interested. However, it was purely that he wanted to go & do the treasure hunt first.

We headed out of the enclosure back to the front desk to start our treasure hunt.
The treasure hunt is FREE! As B is 4 I did the reading & writing but B did the most important job, the hunting out of the clues. None of them are particularly hard to find if you pay attention but I skim read so I completely missed a few, I came across the 3RD before I found the 2ND, whoopsies.
The hunt took us around 15 minutes & we had an absolutely fantastic time while learning about the butterflies too.
B really did enjoy himself & I was surprised at how excited he was hunting & finding the clues.
Aylett Nurseries

All the clues go in-part to form the ending answer, our prize was a super cute little butterfly & a badge.
I honestly would never have thought a place like Aylett Nurseries would have such a fantastic set of activities on for kids & of course such sweet prizes. I think some of these garden centres are hidden gems. Be sure to especially keep an eye on this one!

After our treasure hunt B was eager to head back to the butterfly enclosure.
I was so pleased that he was excited to go & look at the butterflies, he immediately grabbed one of the butterfly spotter sheets & headed in.
He was in his element trying to hunt out the different butterflies on the sheet & getting a bit moody that he couldn’t find them all. I did have to explain to him that the butterflies on the sheet may not all be in the enclosure when you visit.
He stayed in there for around 15 minutes looking at all the beautiful butterflies, I was a little gutted that none of them sat on him but he wasn’t haha.
Aylett Nurseries

We had a really good time at Aylett Nurseries & we can’t wait for their next event!