I do it time & time again, I get stuck for outdoor activities to do when it gets to the freezing cold autumn & winter.
I forget all the brilliant ideas I came up with the year before & my poor son gets stuck doing the same old things, now he’s getting older though I need to remember the fabulous things we can do now the weather has turned.

Jump In Leaves

One of the best things about Autumn is all the amazing orange crunchy leaves, I personally love walking on them & hearing that amazing crunch.
Try collecting lots of leaves with your little one, put them into a huge pile & then… JUMP!
I’ve seen this done in lots of movies & aim to do it with my son once I can find enough leaves, I am so excited for this.
Run, jump & play in the leaves. MAYBE if you’re brave, make leaf angels, yes just like snow angels but with leaves.
Please just make sure if you happen across any ready made piles of leaves that you check them for any animals that may be hiding underneath.

Forest Walks

Forest walks are great fun come rain or shine, walk & explore, build & discover! The opportunities are endless, especially come autumn.
I aim to do a full blog post on this option but honestly I think Forest or Woodland walks are often understated & forgotten about. So much exploring & growing can be done in the forest, I remember my woodland treks very fondly & miss them a lot. I am so pleased B is now of an age where he can enjoy this type of activity.
Now we are in the Autumn I highly recommend wellies(or waterproof shoes), appropriate warm clothing, drinks,some snacks & some wipes just incase anyone takes a little tumble.
Autumn winter outdoor activities the woods

The Park

This is such an easy one & not one that should be avoided just because of a change in weather. B isn’t overly keen on parks right now due to being smacked in the mouth by a empty swing & sliding too fast down a slide! He does however love to explore parks, he likes putting toys in swings(thats how he hurt himself), rolling toys down the slides & other random bits & bobs. Parks on the whole are usually free, you may just have to pay for parking but you can usually find free parking close by.
Try bringing along some extra bits so you can spend more time there. Balls, kites, snacks & maybe even your bikes are great extras to bring along.
Outdoor autumn winter activity ideas

Home Made Treasure Hunt

My babysitter used to do these for me in the house but there is no reason you can’t do them outside, I’ve even seen them whilst out walking. Make sure the clues are age appropriate & be sure to take a copy of the clues, incase any get lost or moved.
If you’d like to set one up, start off with one clue which should direct your child to a certain place. For instance, your first hidden clue is in the place where you learned to ride your bike. You should hide the next clue in that area & so on & so forth. Clues don’t have to be a special place you could just say 100 paces left & head to the place where kids run & play(the park). I loved these as a child & I’m sure your child would too, this activity isn’t for everyone though as it needs a lot of forward planning at at least an hour away from your child/children to hide the clues.


I used to do this when GPS systems first came out, or when they became more affordable. I was around 6-7 & I absolutely loved it, come rain or shine!! If we had a spare few hours we would geo-caching. For those of you that don’t know Geo-Caching is basically a hi-tech treasure hunt set up by random people, You are given GPS co-ordinates & these help guide you to find the little cache! Once you find it be sure to take a prize & leave one in its place. The prizes are kinder egg style prizes but it is still GREAT fun! You get exercise & you get to explore, OH and have a right giggle when you get lost!
I can highly recommend it, I will start doing it with B once he’s old enough. Its a fab outdoor activity to get into.

Muddy Puddle Jumping

Peppa Pig made this popular but hey, we can do it better than Peppa. If you fancy muddy puddle jumping you need to wait for some serious wet weather to create the BEST puddles possible.
Wellies & waterproofs are required for this fabulous Autumn Winter outdoor activity.
My son absolutely loves puddle jumping, unfortunately more so when he’s not dressed for it & on his way to a friends house!
B loves jumping in puddles till they are no more, maybe you can make up a special game for your muddy puddle outing.

What are your favourite Autumn Winter outdoor activities?