B is a massive fan of BEAR snacks. His love for their snacks started with their fruit yo-yos & he quickly became a fan of their Claws & Paws!
At one time he was obsessive over collecting the cards from his fruit yoyos, he was fascinated. My draw is still full of the ‘time travel’ cards. Lately I’d been ignoring some of the cards that came with his ‘paws’, I was gutted when I realised that they were amazing ‘BEAR’S Outdoor Alphabet’ cards, I’d chucked away loads before I realised how amazing they were. They were full of fun family activities & I’d kept only three!

I am absolutely awful at dreaming up things to do, I don’t have that mindset. If somethings there & I can make an alternative game out of it, I can SOMETIMES conjure something up. BEAR’S Outdoor Alphabet cards give you the ideas so you don’t have to dream them up! Not all of the cards will be age appropriate for your child so its up to you to decide which ones they can do… Some of them are super mucky too so some of you may want to avoid those ones when they have fresh clothes on!
BEAR’S Outdoor Alphabet cards provide fantastic fun family activities, me & B had an absolute ball with them.

Fun Family Activities

The cards are designed so nicely, super bright & eye catching. I decided to surprise B with some of the activities on the cards on a nice warm day, so we could be sure to have lots of super fun in the garden!

Can you imagine B’s face when I told him we were making REAL mud mudpie cupcakes?! He was baffled but then super excited. Literally bouncing off the walls in excitement.
We headed out to our massive mud mountain in the front garden that is still waiting to be moved (YES STILL) & collected our all important mud! These cards state clearly at the top what ‘bits & bobs you need’, I chose the cards that I had bits for!

We headed into the back garden to start our first activity! I feel like I may have enjoyed this a little more than B as I was never allowed to play with mud when I was little. We really enjoyed this little activity together & could only imagine that with a few of his friends involved we’d love it even more… We would probably get rather mucky though!
The activity, although very simple, was a lot of fun. Our Mud-cakes as I’ll now call them are still sat outside.
Fun Family Activities

B decided that YOGA or YoYo as he calls it, was a brilliant idea & the next activity we were to try.
Let’s just say I’m not a Yoga guru so our poses weren’t entirely ‘Yoga poses’ more… Yoga inspired. B found me doing this absolutely hilarious. My balance is bad on the best of days but I managed a few poses for him. More for a giggle than anything.
I do feel we had a little bond over our exceptionally quick trip to Planet YoYo!
If your little one is slightly older than B, he’s 3 by the way, then I think this would be a brilliant bonding activity. Regardless of age this activity can be hilarious! I dread to think what the neighbours thought we were doing.

Fun Family Activities

As you can see we have a few cards & B was starting to get angry at me because I told him we couldn’t go ‘Star Gazing’ IN THE mid-day sun! Try explaining that to a headstrong 3 year old, lets just say.. he didn’t get it & just thought mummy was being difficult. He got a little frustrated by that he couldn’t do all the activities but I am keeping the extra cards for the future.

Our last activity for the day was sandcastle building. B regularly forces people into building him sandcastles but this time around he actually helped build the castle & had fun while doing it. B was a bit confused when we ‘decorated’ our castle. Lets just say I didn’t have much on hand so we didn’t get to decorate it too much. B usually bashes his sandcastles down as soon as he’s built them so this was a turn up for the books.
I was rather proud of our last minute castle!
Fun Family Activities

We really enjoyed our afternoon out in the garden, the Bear cards certainly gave us lots of fun family activities to do!
I can’t wait to collect more, B loves BEAR snacks too so its a win-win situation!

What are your favourite fun family activities?!

*DISCLAIMER – I contacted BEAR & they sent me a few of the cards for B to use for this post. They didn’t ask for the post it was my idea to do it*