B has been asking to go Strawberry picking since last year! Up until recently I completely forgot but this week we have just managed to catch a good quality & quantity of stock at one of our local Pick Your Own farms!
We chose to go Fruit Picking At Parkside Farm in Enfield, it was our closest farm with the best stock.

Our Six Weeks Holiday Experiences – Fruit Picking At Parkside Farm

B has honestly been on about Strawberry picking for a year now & I thought the holidays would be the perfect time, we were going to head elsewhere as it was the first Google hit but we decided upon Parkside Farm as it was the closest & after calling their message line they appeared to have everything we wanted still growing, other places are now restricting opening times due to the lack of produce!

We arrived around 9:30/10 AM, I originally drove past it due to my phone telling me it was up the road & the signage being rather small. We turned around & headed back, parking was plentiful & easy to find.
We headed straight over to grab our boxes, there are trolleys provided but B wouldn’t let me take one & let me tell you, I really could have done with one. The lady behind the till was amazing & explained everything to us so we took two plastic boxes & two bags, I never thought for one minute B would enjoy it as much as he did! So top tip, grab a trolley & a few plastic boxes & plastic bags (plastic bags are for veggies)

Our first stop was the Strawberries, there were plenty of them & boy did they look amazing. Brilliant red & juicy!
B gave me my orders ‘ DO NOT PICK THE GREEN ONES MUMMY ‘, every so often he did let me pick too & I kept to my orders. Please note some sections are roped off as they are not currently ready for picking.
When we went (Tuesday 31st July) there were PLENTY of Strawberries left & lots in the sectioned off areas too. Please call prior to attending to check availability of crops.
I honestly couldn’t believe how into the picking B was, he was happily hunting for the juiciest Strawberries he could find, calling me over if he found any that were shaped funny & forcing me to carry his ‘punnet/box’

Fruit Picking At Parkside Farm

We spent a good 20 minutes on just the first line of Strawberries as B was really enjoying inspecting them & seeing which was the juiciest Strawberry he could find! Fruit picking at Parkside Farm was proving to be a huge hit!

Next on our list was Raspberries, now I am unsure if B will eat these but I decided to let him pick them on the off chance that him collecting the fruit made him want to try it. Let me just add he has since tried them, I am yet to be told if they are a hit or not. You know it clearly takes a good few goes to know if you really like something!
We had a lot of fun exploring the rows of produce, B was very particular about his chosen ‘crops’.

Fruit Picking At Parkside Farm

Parkside Farm is ABSOLUTELY HUGE, B told me numerous times he was tired & I have to say theres so much produce that it is set over a wide expanse! This certainly isn’t a bad thing, quite the opposite.
Every different fruit/veg/crop is clearly marked & directions are clear.
I decided to grab my chosen pick next… Courgettes!!

I don’t know if I should be admitting that I have NO idea how Courgettes grew & what I was looking for in a ‘perfect’ Courgette! However after a little hunt we found what we were looking for, Courgettes must be a minimum of 15cm before you pick them. Sadly mummy didn’t bring her ruler so she had to guess… haha of course B was worrying that I’d get it wrong but I coped quite well.
I found the Courgettes sparse but we managed to find 6/7 nicely sized ones which I was exceptionally excited about, let me tell you now… They taste AMAZING & I am hugely gutted that I didn’t find more.
While cruising for our chosen size we did happen across a few MASSIVE ones which I found hilarious but B was just utterly confused as to why they were SO big!

Fruit Picking At Parkside Farm

B also kindly let me grab some french beans, we could barely find any so I literally ended up with around 10 of them. At this point I realised I’d made a huge mistake with my chosen footwear!
I definitely should have either worn old shoes or wellies, please think about your footwear before you do this activity.

Our last stop were the blackcurrants & blackberries. B really enjoyed picking these, he was very particular about the fruit he was choosing & took his time picking.
It was genuinely lovely to see him so into an activity that I had worried he would completely hate once he got there. I’ve never seen him so interested.
Please note there is a minimum spend at Parkside Farm & that is £4 per person.
At the end of our picking adventure we paid for our goodies, please see the receipt below for an idea of pricing, I was very surprised & the quality of the produce is SO worth it.
Fruit Picking At Parkside Farm

We really hope you enjoy your summer holidays & we hope you enjoy fruit picking at Parkside Farms if you end up going,
Shhh its also a brilliant place to take pictures!

Fruit Picking At Parkside Farm