Both B & I absolutely love Rye-assic Adventure Park in Hoddesdon but we haven’t been in a while & we were instore for a huge surprise.
Rye-Assic park is a greta place to visit with children from the age of 1 to 10!

Our Six Weeks Holiday Experiences – Rye-assic Adventure Park

Rye-assic Adventure Park opens at 9:30AM but as per usual that was the time we ended up leaving due to me getting distracted by an old episode of Supermarket Sweet. The journey from our house to Rye-assic takes around 20 minutes but there were road works on the way which delayed us slightly but we got there by around 10AM & were greeted with a new entrance at the carpark! It looks fantastic & is very well set out. You now pay to get in in the carpark, PLEASE pay once you’ve parked as leaving your car & paying at that time can lead to a bit of a backlog of cars!

B was beyond excited to be at Rye-Assic & I was too, we had fantastic weather & the place wasn’t busy when we got there, please note even in weather like this it wasn’t uncomfortably busy or overcrowded!
Entry was £6.95 for B & FREE for me, such fantastic value. Especially when you realise how much there is to do there.

We came with 2 of our good friends & we decided to head indoors to the soft play first. Easy to locate, the soft play is absolutely fabulous. All our children went off happily & were able to negotiate the entire frame, there is even a fabulous smaller part for little-er legs!
The boys absolutely LOVED it in there, we barely saw them for the hour or so that we were in there. Happily running around enjoying themselves, every so often popping back for a drink. It gave us parents a great chance to have a chat, the seating is directly around the soft play frame so its easy to see where your children are or of course, in our case… HEAR where they were!

You are more than welcome to bring your own food to Rye-assic but you cannot eat it inside, there are areas provided outside where you can eat your own food. Rye-assic provide a large menu for both children & adults with some fabulous drinks & snacks on offer too.
Even being vegan I am catered for, beans on toast of course but they are SO good! We didn’t order any food the first time round we just had a good chat while the children played. We then decided to head outside onto the trampolines!
Trampolines are always such a hit with kids & the boys absolutely loved their time on them!
Please note the trampolines are FREE to use, you only have to pay for bowling, the mini quads & any of the arcade style games inside the softplay, so it can work out an exceptionally cheap trip out!

Rye-assic Adventure Park

After the trampolines we headed over to the BRAND NEW addition to Rye-assic, a mini splash park! B is a huge lover of splash parks & he was so excited to get in there & get soaked.
The area is contained & relatively small but for this park it is perfectly sized. It’s another area where you know you are safe to sit just outside & watch them learn & grow. One of B’s friends he’s known since he was around 8 weeks old turned up & B ended up playing with her for ages, they had such a fantastic time. To be honest, all the children I could see playing in there where having an absolutely fantastic time.
It was a great size & there weren’t too many ‘vicious’ spurting fountains so even the little kids were able to join in with every part of the splash park. This is such a fantastic addition to Rye-assic & we really love it.
It has to be one of my favourite splash parks we’ve been to.

Rye-assic Adventure Park

We stayed outside for around an hour before heading back inside to grab some lunch.
B has never asked to have lunch here before but today he asked for something to eat so I was more than happy to oblige, he went for a full meal of potato smilies, nuggets & peas. I had beans on toast & the others in our party had hotdogs & another kids meal similar to B’s.
Whilst the wait was rather long today we really did enjoy our food. Basic but tasty. B demolished his along with his drink, it was a good sight to see. His friend also enjoyed his lunch.
Everyone had headed outside so inside the soft play was exceptionally quiet, which I must say I loved!
The boys headed for another play before we decided to head outside one more time before leaving, by this time we had already been at Rye-assic adventure park for around 3 hours! Time flew & it certainly was a fantastic pick for somewhere to head.

We decided to head over to the ‘park’ part of Rye-assic. Which consists of a rather fabulous play frame with 2 slides attached, a see-saw & swings! The boys loved having a run around here & B discovered he could do the climbing wall, much to the shock of me!
By this time everyone was a bit hot & bothered so we didn’t end up staying super long in the park but it is a great place to visit, especially if its not super hot.

Rye-assic Adventure Park

Before heading home myself & B decided to head over to the mini golf area so B could have a game. At £3.50 I thought it was good value for money, even if B does cheat his way to the end. They have their very own 9 hole golf course & B loves it. He had a fabulous time dotting around the course on his own. Let’s just say we didn’t keep score & B treated it more like hockey rather than golf but he absolutely loved it so I cannot knock him for that.
Some of the holes are exceptionally hard so don’t expect too many holes-in-one, especially the end hole which took B around 5 minutes to complete!

Rye-assic Adventure Park

We really enjoyed our trip back to Rye-assic adventure park, we highly recommend it as one of your ‘stops’ for these holidays & subsequent ones to come!
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