Its due to rain this Easter Weekend so I decided it would be a great time to give you some ideas of things you could get up to. These activities can be used on any rainy day, ENJOY!


A popular activity all around, why not try baking with your children! Either packet mix or from scratch let your little ones get involved & watch their faces light up when they see the end product. Just make sure you don’t eat it all, this is something I’m especially guilty of.
I loved baking with my parents when I was younger, it’s the perfect time to have a chat, even if its just about the cake you are baking.
The cost of baking is minimal, especially if using a packet mix. If your budget is tight make sure to check out your local pound store as they stock certain mixes for just £1!

Build a den

I wish I could make out that I was some kind of design genius when it comes to building dens, but alas I am actually really awful at it but that doesn’t stop me trying.
My dens usually consist of one sheet and some pegs attached to anything I can get my hands on, it lasts around 5 minutes before completely collapsing in on me. When I was younger I used to build these alone, however, it is a lovely activity to do as a family, You may even end up with a den worthy of a place on Grand Designs.
There is no cost involved in building dens, items used are found around the house. If in doubt grab an old sheet out!

Build a car

Remember that box the bedside table was delivered in? Why not join forces with your child & build a car that makes the neighbours jealous.
No cost involved just use whatever you have laying around, scissors, pens & paints are all you need.
Doors, windows, numberplate & windscreen wipers.
Make it as simple or as detailed as you wish.
I had hours of fun in the car my friend built for me. Simple & FREE!

Craft it up

A firm favourite with me when I was younger, crafts prove popular with both boys & girls, the things they chose to make or colour in may be different but its a great way to wile away the hours.
Pick up craft items of every variety at ‘Hobby Craft’, they are currently(posted 26th March 2016) doing special deals on kiddie crafts.
Why not try a paint your own Dinosaur money box?

I wish little things like this would have been readily available & this cheaply priced when I was younger.
You could get your little one to design a superhero mask, make a thank you card or even just draw you a lovely picture for the fridge. The possibilities are endless, if you are stuck for ideas ask your little one, they usually have a whole heap of ideas.

Film/TV marathon

Sometimes neither you or your child can be bothered to do anything, what better time to chill out in front of the TV and watch anything you fancy. Grab some snacks & take some well earned time out. Use this time to have a good heart to heart with your child and bring up anything which may be on your mind OR how about just a good old gossip.

Quiz time

Get together with your child & design a quiz for one another, it could be a quiz about you or their favourite TV programme. Make it a little more fun & offer a prize for the winner, a bar of chocolate or a week off of loading the dishwasher!
Quizzes can be as short or as long as you wish, be of any subject matter, its also a great way to get to know your child and for them to get to know you too.

Role play

Is your child obsessed with superheroes? Loves to play school? Wants to be a Doctor?
Why not let their imagination run wild and play pretend!
I used to love to play schools, god knows why as I couldn’t wait to get out of the place when I was there. No need to spend any money on this, its all in their imagination. If you have items laying around the house that suit the role play then make sure you use them, if not JUST PRETEND.
Let their dreams become reality & make sure to join in, thats if they want you to. I could quite happily play Schools for hours alone with my teddies, sorry students!
Don’t be offended if your child doesn’t want your input though, sometimes this is something they like to do alone or with friends.
Cost? FREE!

Treasure hunt

No need to leave the house for this treasure hunt, try hiding clues around the house once your child has gone to bed. If you wake up in the morning & its a rainy day you can offer up the chance of a treasure hunt. Make sure clues are age appropriate and not too difficult. Hand one clue over to start them off, this first clue will lead them to the next and the next and so on and so forth until they find the prize! It is completely upto you, the parent, to decide what the prize is, but it could be anything from a special snack treat to a week off of chores, the choice is yours.
Cost? Completely free!

Wrap up & Jump in puddles

Feeling brave? Wrap up warm, pop on your waterproofs, don your wellies & jump in puddles!
Go on a puddle hunt & see who can make the biggest splash.
Dont fancy jumping in yourself? Why not see who can spot the most puddles or who can build the best boat. Have fun with it, EXPLORE.
Cost? ZILCH!
Well…….maybe just a lot of washing once you get in.

Me x