Sometimes money is tight, other times we just want to save some pennies. I’ve sat down & thought super hard & heres my post on 50 free things to do with the kids this summer. Hopefully you’ll find bits to fill your entire summer holiday!

50 Free Things To Do With The Kids This Summer

1. Play dates
2. The park
3. Forest walk
4. Fort building
5. Muddle puddle jumping
6. Bike ride
7. Park run
8. Treasure hunt ( Hide sweetie treats that you have around the house )
9. Scavenger hunt
10. Build a bug hotel
11. Build a bedroom den
12. Go paddling in a stream
13. Build something out of random spare bits around the home
14. Learn something new
15. Volunteer
16. Visit local village fete
17. Carboot sale
18. Have a craft day (Using spare bits around the home)
19. Perform a play
20. Have a film day
21. Attend local free events – Check out your local parent pages on FACEBOOK for information on these events
22. Fire station open days
23. Rubber Duck race at your local stream or pond
24. Feed the ducks – Appropriate food
25. Visit local open gardens
26. Visit family
27. Play boardgames
28. Design your own boardgames
29. Organise a local parent meet up
30. Hide & Seek
31. Local Splash park
32. Build a toy town
33. Have a water fight
34. Play pretend
35. Make boats then race them
36. Build a cardboard box car
37. Create a summer memories diary
38. Garden olympics
39. Quizzes (Write them & take them)
40. Design a assault course at the park
41. Learn!
42. Have a spring clean
43. Do challenges (Do 50 hops in one minute – for example)
44. Relax
45. Meet new people, make new friends
46. Head to a free museum
47. Bike race
48. Build a camp in the forest
49. Play Pooh sticks
50. Skip stones on a pond

Free Things To Do With The Kids This Summer