About Little B & Me

Little B & Me
Hi, my name is Kayleigh & my little ones name is Bryson.  
I’m a 26 year old single, stay at home blogging parent to this beautiful little chunk everyone refers to as ‘B’. Hence the name ‘ Little B & Me ‘.
I’m not perfect, my son tantrums, I shout & without fail, B hardly ever wears clothes!

B is not your usual three year old, he’s actually an old man at heart with a huge love for technology. Just like his Mummy!
This year B has blossomed, he absolutely loves doing review & baking videos for our YouTube channel.
He loves everything from Princesses to trains, I don’t restrict him on what he’s allowed. We don’t gender type our toys.

So take a journey with us on our trips out, we love to show you the places we find.
Let’s grow together, you’ll see our highs & lows, we won’t hide anything.
You’ll soon find out you aren’t alone with the issues you face.
We love to post helpful blogs so if you like to save money, find out new information & discover new items then our blog is perfect for you.

If you have anything specific in mind that you’d like us to cover feel free to email us on kayleigh@littlebandme.co.uk or contact us on any of our social media accounts. We can’t wait to hear from you.


Hugs & kisses, OH who am I kidding dribbly kisses & licks

Kayleigh & B
Little B & Me